Barry University  - General Information (2023)

Anyone wishing to pursue graduate studies at Barry University must complete an appropriate application. There are five ways in which an applicant may be accepted:

  1. Non-degree acceptance—See section entitled “Non-Degree Seeking Applicants” below.
  2. Degree seeking provisional acceptance—Upon review of his/her file by the school/department, an applicant may be granted provisional status for a limited number of credits while stipulated admission or academic provisions are being satisfied. Under this status a student may qualify for financial aid.
  3. Degree seeking full acceptance—May be granted when all requirements for admission have been met.
  4. Conditional Admission—Some schools/colleges and programs offer conditional admission to applicants who meet Barry University’s academic requirements but who lack evidence of English proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS or equivalent). Applicants admitted conditionally must provide evidence of English proficiency before they will be permitted to register for classes.
  5. Admission To Class—Some schools/colleges and programs allow applicants to pursue a limited number of credits before the application process is completed and a decision rendered. Applicants admitted to course work under this designation are NOT yet admitted to the program. Full admission to the program is neither implied nor guaranteed. Furthermore, applicants with this designation are NOT eligible for any forms of federal financial aid. Not every program allows this option.

For complete details, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Degree programs differ in specific requirements for admission. Applicants should refer to the specific school section of this catalog to learn about entrance exams and school specific requirements.

An admission decision cannot be reached unless the file is current and ALL necessary credentials have been received. To facilitate the registration process, it is highly recommended that the application and all credentials be received at least thirty (30) days prior to the published first day of registration. Some programs have specific application deadlines. Contact the appropriate school/college for these deadlines.

All credentials submitted in support of the application become the property of the University and will not be returned or photocopied. The applicant is responsible for understanding and following all procedures and requirements as outlined in this catalog.

Any concealment or misrepresentation of previous college registration or course work, academic or disciplinary record, both undergraduate and graduate, may immediately cancel and nullify the application or admission to Barry University.

For the duration of their program of study, admitted students will use the catalog current during their first enrollment as reference for University policies and procedures as well as program requirements. For applicants seeking readmission, the catalog being used at the time of readmission will serve as the reference document.

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Students who have been academically inactive for at least one calendar year and who wish to be readmitted must complete an application for readmission, available at Readmission is contingent upon approval by the dean of each school/college involved and by the Vice President of Mission and Student Engagement.

Change of Graduate Program

Applicants who wish to change their graduate program at Barry University prior to registration must inform the Office of Admissions in writingand, in some cases, must reapply or submit other documentation. Admitted students who wish to change to another academic program must complete a Change of Major/Change of School form, available Acceptance to the new program is not guaranteed. Change of program after registration is contingent upon approval by the dean of each school/college involved and by the Vice President of Mission and Student Engagement.

Change of Address/Phone

Applicants are responsible for informing the Office of Admissions in writing of any change of address, email or telephone number. Changes may be sent to The Office of Admissions does not accept responsibility for communications sent to a wrong address if no change of address has been submitted in a timely manner.

Name Change

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Applicants are responsible for immediately informing the Office of Admissions in writingof any name change. This information must be supported by official documentation (e.g., marriage license, court documentation, etc.).

Degree Seeking Applicants

To be considered for full acceptance to a degree program, a graduate applicant must:

  1. have earned a bachelor’s degree (master’s degree or higher for specialist or doctoral applicants) or equivalent from an institution which is regionally accredited or internationally recognized.
  2. submit a completed application form with a $30.00 nonrefundable application fee or appropriate waiver. The online application may be found at or on your specific program website. Some programs still accept paper applications, a PDF of which can be obtained from
  3. submit a statement of purpose (goals) or career narrative statement or essay answers as required by the specific school or program.
  4. provide complete official transcripts from each college or university attended. Transcripts in the applicant’s possession will not be accepted unless in an official envelope sealed by the institution issuing the transcript. An applicant whose degree has not yet been posted may submit a letter, on official letterhead, from the dean of the institution, verifying completion of degree requirements, until the official transcript reflecting degree is submitted. Transcripts must be provided from each college or university attended. If credits have been transferred to another university the official transcript from the originating school must still be provided.

    Submission of transcripts required by the Office of Graduate Admissions may be waived at the discretion of the Dean of the College/School offering the applicant’s program.

  5. provide the required recommendations in support of graduate study. An electronic recommendation form may be found at Recommendations will also be accepted on the Barry University recommendation form, on official letterhead from the recommender’s institution (must be signed and dated) or from the recommender’s official (not personal) email address. Email recommendations should be sent to
  6. supply current admission entrance examination scores, or documentation for the appropriate waiver, as required by the individual school/college or program.
  7. submit any additional information required by the Office of Graduate Admissions or the individual school or -program.
  8. Applicants who do not give evidence of being native English speakers, including those applying for transfer from U.S. institutions, or who have not graduated from an institution where English is the primary language of instruction must submit a TOEFL,IELTS, Duolingo English Test, or PTE Academic score. The minimum required scores are:
    • IELTS: 6.5
    • TOEFL iBT: 79
    • Duolingo English Test:95
    • Pearson PTE Academic Score: 53

    The minimum acceptable score may be higher for some programs. The English Proficiency requirement may be waived for applicants with a minimum of 24 college level academic credits earned from an institution in which English is the basis of instruction and classroom interaction.

  9. International applicants should refer to the International Applicantssection of this catalog.

The responsibility for obtaining all admission credentials rests with the applicant.

Active/Inactive Status

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A degree seeking student remains active unless not enrolled in consecutive sessions. If a student is not enrolled in two consecutive sessions (e.g. Fall/Spring; Spring/Fall) he/she will become inactive. When readmitted, he/she will be required to meet admission and program requirements in place at the time of readmission. See above section entitled “Readmission.” Exceptions apply to continuous and sequential programs. See specific program for details.

Non-Degree Seeking Applicants

Applicants who wish to take courses for purposes of personal enrichment, teacher certification, or to secure credits to transfer to another institution (guest student) are considered non-degree-seeking students. Such applicants must:

  1. submit a completed non-degree application form (available at with a $30.00 nonrefundable application fee or appropriate waiver.
  2. present evidence of receipt of a bachelor’s degree or higher (master’s degree or higher for specialist or doctoral applicants) from a regionally accredited or internationally recognized institution.

Non-degree-seeking students may register for a limited number of credits as prescribed by the specific school/college in which classes are being taken. Guest students should refer to the section below.

Applicants should note that application procedures to some certificate programs differ from the non-degree application procedure described above in that additional credentials may be required and the general graduate application should be used, not the non-degree application. (See specific school/college for details.)

Under non-degree status, students do not qualify for financial aid unless they are seeking teacher certification.

Enrollment as a non-degree seeking student in no way implies admission to a degree program.

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Guest Students

A guest student is defined as a person who wishes to take credits at Barry University for the purpose of transferring these credits back to the institution in which they are matriculated. A guest student at Barry must submit a non-degree application (available at, pay the application fee, and present a letter from the dean or department chair of the institution in which they are enrolled as a degree seeking student, stating that they are in good standing.

Non-Degree Seeking to Degree Seeking Students

Students who wish to change their status from non-degree seeking to degree seeking must complete the required application and meet all the requirements for degree seeking applicants of the school/college in which entrance is desired. Enrollment as a non-degree seeking student in no way implies admission to a degree program.

With the approval of the dean, schools/colleges may accept a maximum of six credits to be applied from non-degree to degree-seeking. For additional information students should speak with their academic advisor.


Applicants who wish to appeal a rejection of their application should present their appeal in writing addressed to the Office of Graduate Admission, clearing stating their reasons for the appeal and why they believe they are qualified to be admitted to the program in question.

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What is Barry University known for? ›

Barry University, Miami, FL. With our Catholic liberal arts heritage and over 100 degree programs, including nursing and marine biology, from bachelors through PhDs, we've got your options covered. Focus on arts and sciences, business, education, social work, communication, nursing, medical sciences, theology, or law.

What is a fun fact about Barry University? ›

So far, we've won 24 NCAA championships, had 338 All-Americans, 413 Scholar All-Americans, and nine NCAA "Women of the Year" finalists, the most of any Division II school.

Why choose Barry University? ›

At Barry University, you will experience a small community atmosphere where you can always rely on our administrators and faculty for advice, encouragement and personal attention. We take great pride in giving individual attention from the very beginning.

Is Barry University a prestigious school? ›

Barry University is ranked #331-440 out of 443 National Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Is Barry University Lgbtq friendly? ›

At Barry University, you will experience a small community atmosphere where you can always rely on our administrators and faculty for advice, encouragement and personal attention. We take great pride in giving individual attention from the very beginning.

Is Barry University a dry campus? ›

In accordance with Barry University's Alcohol policy, only residents of legal age may consume alcohol in their assigned room. Beer kegs, party balls, funnels and large containers are not permitted in or around University Housing.

How good is living in Barry? ›

Barry is a fantastic town to live in with plenty of local amenities right on your doorstep. As one of the biggest towns in Wales, Barry is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, beaches, parks, as well as amazing transport links to surrounding towns and cities.

Does Barry University have a dress code? ›

Students are expected to wear shoes and shirts at all time on campus, except when in Penafort Pool or in athletic fields. Swimming attire is not allowed in classrooms, in the Roussell Dining Hall or anywhere on campus except when in Penafort Pool.

What are the core values of Barry University? ›

Barry is a global, inclusive community characterized by interdependence, dignity and equality, compassion and respect for self and others. Embracing a global world view, the University nurtures and values cultural, social and intellectual diversity, and welcomes faculty, staff, and students of all faith traditions.

What happened at Barry University? ›

Reports of a shooter and active assailant on Barry University's campus this evening are false. Balloons popping from an event in Thompson Hall led to the false alarm. There is no threat to campus. Miami Shores Police responded to the campus and confirmed the reports were unfounded after officers conducted two searches.

What GPA does Barry University require? ›

GPA above 2.3+ may be considered for test optional admission for most majors. Note*: If an applicant's test score is at least SAT 880/ACT 17 consideration for admission may be given for specific majors.

What is the average GPA for Barry University? ›

Average GPA: 3.05

The average GPA at Barry University is 3.05. This makes Barry University Moderately Competitive for GPAs. (Most schools use a weighted GPA out of 4.0, though some report an unweighted GPA.

What school has the happiest students? ›

The 10 Colleges With the Happiest Students
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Terre Haute, IN) ...
  • University of Dallas (Irving, TX) ...
  • Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX) ...
  • Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS) ...
  • Auburn University (Auburn, AL) ...
  • Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN) ...
  • Tulane University (New Orleans, LA)
Jan 4, 2023

What is the hardest school to get accepted into? ›

The 25 Hardest Colleges to Get Into in 2023
  • 1) Harvard University.
  • 2) Columbia University.
  • 3) Caltech.
  • 4) Stanford University.
  • 5) MIT.
  • 6) Princeton University.
  • 7) Yale University.
  • 8) Brown University.
Nov 11, 2022

What college has the most pride? ›

These universities have also all been featured in the QS World University Rankings® 2021.
  • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick. ...
  • Tufts University. ...
  • The Ohio State University. ...
  • University of Colorado at Boulder. ...
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst. ...
  • University of Oregon. ...
  • University of Pennsylvania.

Is Barry a HBCU? ›

Barry University is a private Catholic university in Miami Shores, Florida. Founded in 1940 by the Adrian Dominican Sisters, it is one of the largest Catholic universities in the Southeast and is within the territory of the Archdiocese of Miami.
Barry University.
Former nameBarry College (1940–1981)
18 more rows

Is Barry University a small school? ›

Barry is a SMALL private school that attends to those who are serious about their future careers. It has everything a person needs to be a successful and happy student.

What is a dry university? ›

Dry college campuses do not allow any students to drink on campus, even after they reach the legal drinking age. This rule extends to all parts of campus, including eating facilities and college housing. Dry colleges typically do not serve alcoholic beverages at university events.

Does Barry University have fraternities? ›

Barry University is composed of 2 fraternities and 1 women's sorority. These include IFC fraternities, PHC sorority, and AGC member fraternities and sororities. The governing organizations at Barry is the Greek Council.

Can you drink at BYU? ›

BYU is a private university owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose general membership has committed to not using alcohol, tobacco, coffee, or tea. Accordingly, no smoking or drinking of alcohol, coffee, or tea is permitted on the BYU campus, though other caffeinated beverages are allowed.

Does Barry have a beach? ›

Whitmore Bay at Barry Island is a sweeping crescent of perfect golden sand flanked by a wide promenade. 24 vibrantly coloured beach huts available for hire,climbing wall, mist feature, beach wheelchairs and year round events.

Is Barry dog friendly? ›

We love Barry Island, I mean who doesn't? Made famous by the BBC's Gavin and Stacey, it's a LUSH place to take your pooch. The beach is lovely (when it's not overly packed) and there's some lovely coastal walks either side. Season beach ban in place from From 01 May to 30 September.

Can you swim in Barry? ›

Barry Island is good for swimming and Barry Island Beach has life guards on the beach during the summer months for safety.

Does Barry University have single dorms? ›

A variety of housing options at Barry University will give you the chance to enjoy flexible dining plans, numerous recreational areas, and spacious accommodations that range from single rooms and suites on-campus, to traditional off-campus apartments.

Does Barry University have a gym? ›

The Fitness center is available FREE of charge to all current members of the Barry community (Students, Faculty & Staff). So whether you are just going for a quick jog on the treadmill, or doing some heavy lifting, the Fitness Center at Barry University has something for everyone.

Does Barry University have dorms? ›

Our Halls. Living on campus is part of the full college experience. By living on campus at Barry you become part of a very special, unique and diverse family. This choice of whether or not to live on campus is one of the most important choices you will make in your college career.

What are the 4 school values? ›

care and respect for families and communities. respect for work. fairness and social justice. pursuit of excellence.

What are the values and purpose of university education? ›

The purpose of university education is to facilitate the advancement of knowledge and the development of high cognitive skills in the community. As a result, people become productive members of society who care about the well-being of others.

Is Barry University a medical school? ›

Barry University's School of Podiatric Medicine offers its students a unique and gratifying environment. The School of Podiatric Medicine is one of the only two podiatric medical programs to be associated with a full university. Approximately 250 students are enrolled in the Podiatric Medicine Program.

Does Barry University have a good reputation? ›

Barry University is one of the best universities in the state of Florida. One of the major benefits is that the school is well accredited. The classes at Barry University are small (about 30 students max per class).

Is Barry University hard to get into? ›

The acceptance rate at Barry University is 85.1%.

For every 100 applicants, 85 are admitted. This means the school is lightly selective. The school will have their expected requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores. If you meet their requirements, you're almost certain to get an offer of admission.

What GPA do you need to get into Barry University? ›

With a GPA of 3.05, Barry University accepts below-average students. It's OK to be a B-average student, with some A's mixed in.

Which University has the highest reputation? ›

Harvard University tops the ranking for the 12th consecutive year, and the US remains the most represented country, with 56 institutions (one fewer than last year).

What tier is Barry University? ›

Barry University's ranking in the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #331-440. Its tuition and fees are $31,540. Barry University is a Catholic institution located in Miami, near the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades.


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