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Biohazard cleaning is a specialist cleaning service that requires a rapid and effective response.

The definition of a biological hazard is a substance that poses a threat to the health of any living organism, be it human, animal or plant. These types of problems have to be therefore dealt with professionally and quickly.

The word ‘Biohazard’ quickly invokes thoughts of white hazmat suits, bright yellow symbols and crime scenes, yet the reality isn’t normally quite this exciting and is something dealt with by our experienced cleaning teams on a daily basis.

The most common biohazard cleans we deal with at Professional Cleaners UK include the cleaning of vomit, removal of dead animals, droppings, aftermath services and blood, as well as the cleaning of sensitive areas such as sciencelaboratories.

When dealing with biohazard issues and the cleaning of sensitive facilities, appliances or products, a degree of experience and qualification is required to ensure safety and excellent results. Our teams at Professional Cleaners UK have this expertise and are fully insured to deal with such hazards; with no room for error and working in line with best practice industry standards, you can contact us day and night for brilliant results.

If you are looking for a biohazard cleaning company or abiohazard cleanup, contact us today for top rates and quick responses. Do not put yourself at risk.

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Specialist Biohazard Cleans

Most cases that require urgent biohazard cleaning are outlined below:

  • Vomit cleanup
  • Faeces cleanup
  • Urine clean up
  • Blood
  • Other bodily fluids clean up
  • Crime scene cleaning services (forensic cleaning)
  • Cosmetic clinics
  • Dead animals
  • Pest control clean-ups
  • Aftermath services
  • Sewage cleaning and cleanups
  • Hoarding cleaning
  • Porous materials cleans

All of such require prompt responses as they pose a serious health risk to anyone who may come into contact with them.

We always have personal protective equipment andspecialist equipment to carry out the works to clearbiohazard waste andclinical waste.

The safety of others is absolutely paramount and cannot be left to chance hence our trusted and professional services are used by numerous managing agents, councils and privately-run establishments all over the UK.

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Please keep in mind – “just because you cannot see a risk, does not mean it isn’t there”, which applies to many of the hazards listed above.

Biohazard cleans and abiohazard cleanup are also required in many other cases, these are more noticeable to the naked eye, such as:

  • Bird droppings (guano) - known as bird waste removal
  • Drugs and meth labs
  • Sharps removal (needles and syringes)
  • Squatter clean ups
  • Hoarder clean ups
  • Laboratory cleans
  • Hairdressers and tattoo studios - who require contaminated waste facilities to be disposed of (as do some pharmacies)
  • There are also lots of businesses that use chemicals and products that intentionally break the skin and therefore require careful handling procedures

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All these pose a detrimental health risk to anyone who may come in contact with them. In some cases even inhaling can cause problems, for example, guano affects human respiratory systems.

Our experienced cleaning services staff are fully trained and follow all the correct health and safety procedures for others (and themselves) to minimise this.

Biohazard situations can pose serious health risks with some carrying viruses such as hepatitis B & C and HIV.

Biohazard Cleaners

Ourcleaning services teams at Professional Cleaners UK are fully trained and well versed in COSHH and other such harmful chemical legislation, completing jobs safely and to the highest of safety and sanitation standards.

If you’d like to discuss your specific requirements - or are unsure if you need specialist waste disposal and cleaning services - get in touch with our friendly teams today via the enquiry box on this page and we will be in contact to talk you through the options.

As well as having top cleaners we also use award-winning products to achieve the best results, such as Jeyes Fluid.

Enquire today to find out more about our Biohazard cleanings service.

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Cleaning Services - Who We Work With

Our reputation for professionalism in this sector is second to none and we work with many managing agents and housing associations across the UK, looking after weekly communal cleaning.

We are always quick to attend and provide evidence for all parties – emailing across before and after photos once the job is complete for peace of mind.

Our trustworthy and ongoing relationships are why we are recommended and contacted day or night, ensuring no threat is posed to residents and the general public.

With our experience, we are also the eyes and ears of the agents we work for.

When we attend a job we also advise in order to prevent the situation from happening again, an example may be something simple, like adding a metal-gate and keypad so that only residents can enter bin areas (with an access code) to stop external waste dumping. We can also spot if there is a rodent infection and recommend pest control experts.

For more information on our general cleaning services, professional deep cleaning or biohazard cleanup, check out the Professional Cleaners homepage for more information.

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Biohazard Clean Up Procedure - Our Biohazard Cleaning Service Near You

If your business doesn’t normally deal with biohazards but has an emergency case requiring urgent service, contact us immediately; our biohazard cleaning services team can respond promptly.

We can dispatch expert cleaning services teams around the clock and consider no job too big or small (from crime scene cleaning to bodily fluids), and they will follow strict biohazard cleaning procedures from identification through to full cleaning and disposal.

It is advised that you don’t touch or move anything to keep yourself safe; instead, wait for specialist cleaning teams to arrive.

Our teams at Professional Cleaners UK will take care of everything and return your premises to their former glory as soon as we are able, day or night.

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We aim to take the stress out of the situation. We always wearappropriate personal protective equipment and followed ahealth and safety plan.

Aftermath Services

Unfortunately one of the services that we provide is an after-death service or aftermath service, this involves the clean up after the removal of a human body when somebody has sadly passed away this can include suicide cleaning and unattended death cleanups. If this is something you need assistance with please contact us today.

Sewage Cleaning

Problems with burst sewage pipes both internally and externally are far more common than many realise and they can post a severe health hazard, as well as being unsightly and even worse - smelly! Again call in our experienced teams for help in these cases and otherbiohazard cleanup cases.

Bird Waste Removal

Unwanted birds - particularly seagulls and pigeons - can cause severe damage and their waste and droppings can pose biohazard health issues. These types of cleans are thorough and can cause sickness in humans. Again, don't take a risk and call in our experienced waste cleaners.

Sharps Removal

We look after the removal of sharps - including needles, broken glass and other dangerous and sharp materials and objects. Get in touch if you need any help.

Biohazard Cleaning Services & Protective Uniforms

Our cleaning services staff wear all the protective clothing (PPE) so they are not in any harm and that the jobs can be completed to a high standard, such as:

  • Protective overalls
  • Goggles
  • Face-masks
  • Gloves
  • Steel toe cap boots
  • Shoe covers
  • Helmets

Employers do have a legal duty of care to protect their employees and anyone within their premises to meet health & safety guidelines.

This falls under the “Health and Safety Act 1974” and the “Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002” and something that we take very seriously at all times.

Classification of Biohazards

The term biohazard is used primarily as a warning (as is the yellow symbol that accompanies these types of spills) to warn people of the dangers.

There are three classifications of a biohazard cleanup: A, A for Animals and B:

  • A is an infectious substance affecting humans that is capable of causing disability, life-threatening or fatal disease in those who are otherwise healthy.
  • A for Animals is the same but is not in a form considered usually capable of causing such contamination.
  • B is a substance transported for diagnostic or investigative purposes, that is to be done as securely as possible to avoid any contamination that could be harmful. There’s also regulated medical waste, often known as ‘contaminated waste’, that is to be disposed of in a specific way and can not be thrown away with normal rubbish.

Biohazard problems may sound scary and conjure up images of medical facilities and horror films, but biological hazards are actually very commonplace (the most common is the cleaning of bodily fluids) and something that we deal with daily at Professional Cleaners UK.

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Biohazard Cleaning Companies Near Me

As you can imagine response time for these types of cleans is key so that issues are resolved and public health is protected.

Our cleaning services teams can either respond directly or if necessary we will contact another top biohazard cleaning company near you and dispatch them to help you in an emergency.

Emergency Cleaning

We know at Professional Cleaners UK that emergency cleans can't be foreseen which is why we have dedicated professionally trained cleaners on call for such instances. Our cleaners will provide full decontamination to the areas which are affected by any blood, bodily fluids or anything else.

Biohazard Clean Up Kits

We do not sell these types of kits as we always suggest that these spills are dealt with professionally and by experts.

FAQs about Biohazard Cleaning Services

  1. We are a pub who use a standard cleaning company to look after our normal cleaning services but we have a lot of biohazard issues every week, such as vomit and eve blood. They don’t offer biohazard cleaning services, is this something you can help with?”. Yes, we can either come in as and when needed or we can set up a weekly cleaning slot to work with or around the other cleaning company, contact us for more information.
  2. What are the most common biohazard cleaning services that your cleaning company offers?” We deal with a full range but most commonly is the clean up after sick or blood, homeless area cleans, crime scene, removal of dead animals and aftermath cleans. At the moment we are dealing with a lot of Covid 19 cleaning and coronavirus cleaning as well in schools, offices and homes.

Contact Us aboutiohazard leaning

Contact us today for help and assistance with any biohazard problems and spills.

We offer professional biohazard cleaning and the surrounding areas at great prices to removehazardous waste andhazardous material.

All our services are available for both business and domestic customers bytrained professionals who cause minimal disruption – contact us right away so we caneliminate all potential health risks ranging from crime scene cleaning, removal and cleaning of dead animals, dangerous liquids and health issues - providing you with complete peace of mind swiftly and at leading rates usingindustrial strength chemicals for the best results.

We follow Government regulations at all times.

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