Cheap Flights from Omaha to Las Vegas from $59 | (OMA - LAS) - KAYAK (2023)

Pros: "The crew was extremely helpful and friendly!"

Cons: "The seats, overall, could have been more comfortable... I have somewhat of a backache after my trip."

Pros: "Plenty of room."

Cons: "Heavier snacks."

Cons: "Flight delayed for 2 hours"

Pros: "Great crew!!"

Cons: "Boarding was a bit slow!"

Pros: "Just a great experience Delta is still above the rest excluding Hawaiian"

Cons: "Cant think of anything"

Cons: "It was great"

Pros: "Nothing. Delta cancelled the flight with no explanation, and ruined our last day in Omaha."

Cons: "An explanation as to why the flight was cancelled, as well as help with finding alternative accommodation. We had to fly back very early via Atlanta, and spent the day in transit, which forced us to cancel a reservation in Omaha and erased our ability to enjoy the final day of activities there."

Cons: "My 'window' seat had no window! Feeling was claustrophobic"

Pros: "The service by delta employees for this leg of my journey was beyond great. The leg room was above average."

Cons: "Leg room. Never can have enough leg room."

Pros: "Great flight"

Cons: "After a delay of about an hour on a very full flight the gate agent asked for volunteers to check their rollaboard suitcases. The gate agents then allowed those who checked their rollaboards to board before Zone 1,which was fine. However, a bunch of people without gate check stickers on the rollaboards were also allowed to board before Zone 1, which was aggravating. There was a long delay on the tarmac, during which we had to pull back to the gate or to a maintenance area before we finally took off. When we arrived in Vegas there was no gate for us to pull into, which led to another long delay of an already long and delayed flight."

Cons: "Delta always has 1 or maybe 2 people checking everyone in, including the baggage drop. So, EVERYONE has to wait for one person to finish checking in the first class passenger with a thousand needs. Very poor service as is their norm."

Pros: "Departing"

Cons: "More than 4.5 hrs in taxi waiting to take off. Due to “few rain” and after 3.5 hrs we needed to refuel when we were about FINALLY close to our turn for take off. Horrible service by DELTA. Never flying again with them"

Pros: "The wait"

Cons: "The screen didn’t change in time"

Cons: "The pilot was a Daredevil"

Pros: "overall flight great,pleasant trip, courtious well informed crew"

Cons: "In flight entertainment screen down"

Pros: "This was a much bigger plane so my comfort lever was better."

Pros: "crew was nice and pilot was informative."

Cons: "1. flight was delayed twice, which meant my arrive was delayed in Cincinnati. 2. boarding was a nightmare. After 2 delays, I was crammed into zone 4. I dont fly as often, the seats space seems to be getting smaller. 5. I sat next an overweight person. I didn't like my personal space violated. 6. The flight offer movies, I slept. Yet kept getting elbowed by this overweight neighbor. 7. I am a single, independent person. I prefer to sit near the front. First on and settled and 1st off and gone!"

Cons: "Officiant"

Cons: "yet another oversold and crammed into a plane flight from delta. the crew were nice and all...but the passengers were all ready to be throw into a battle royal pit to actually get on the plane. Getting real tired of this"

Pros: "The flight crew was friendly and personable. Beverage service was consistent and efficient. Entertainment and free WiFi messaging were great perks."

Cons: "The positives don’t even come close to offsetting the misery of Delta’s seats. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was so cramped and uncomfortable. I’m not an abnormally large man - 6 feet 200 lbs - and there was no room for my legs or my shoulders in an “upgraded economy” seat. I fly weekly for work on another major airline, and only took this one in a crunch. But I am quite certain this was my last Delta flight and I’ll be advising others similarly. The service and entertainment aren’t sufficient to mask an awful seat configuration."

Pros: "The flight crew was so polite and willing to help."

Cons: "The boarding process needs to be looked at. Maybe creating better zone style lanes might work, it's always a hassle and always a pain in the a** trying to navigate my way to the boarding door."

Cons: "I didn’t like having to pay for bags and headphones."

Pros: "Smooth flight Courteous"

Cons: "On a five hours flight a two dollars sandwich wouldn’t hurt!!"

Pros: "Great"

Cons: "Too many announcements"

Pros: "comfortable seats"

Cons: "delay delay delay"

Cons: "Food sold out and there was nothing left"

Cons: "2 hr delay"

Pros: "Not applicable"

Cons: "The flight was delayed twelve hours and was not given any compensation even though i had to stay the night at the airport with no blanket or pillow and no freebies of any sort. The gates kept changing. I got up to move to the correct gate at least four times during the night. The next mornings flight was behind schedule as well. I want compensation for my poor delta experience."

Pros: "Good selection of movies/shows."

Cons: "Flight was delayed half an hour due to “medical emergency”. Guy passed out as we were about to take off so we turned back to the gate and sat on the plane for over 30 mins while we waited for medical personnel to check the guy out. Then had to wait another 15 mins for the fuel truck to refill us because we had burnt so much sitting there. I understand that we had to turn back due to his condition but why was he not removed from the plane and put on a later flight when he felt better instead of making all of us late? You would think after all this the crew would be kind and appreciate our patience but 2 of the flight attendants were the exact opposite of that. Both of them were very short with people and the one kept rolling her eyes at people as they were handing out drinks. The only thing I would give 5 stars is the tv entertainment. My seat wouldn’t even recline for me to enjoy though."

Pros: "It was whatever"

Pros: "My comfort zone seat"

Cons: "Rude staff"

Cons: "I froze on the way to Las Vegas and there weren't enough blankets."

Pros: "Nothing I can think of right away"

Cons: "Late arrival and late departure. Poor service in having my luggage be connected to my flight. Was under the impression that they would do that after I had called the day prior and once I got to airport they didn't do so"

Cons: "Two overhead bins burst open during takeoff. it's pretty scared when luggage could potentially come flying at your face."

Pros: "Nice courteous cabin staff."

Cons: "See comment above"

Cons: "Undersized overhead bins so ALL carry-on rollerbags had to be checked."

Pros: "Service. Sweet attendant."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Two out of three flights were delayed, customers service of the flight operated by Delta airlines is a nightmare and on top of it 2hours and 40min delayed. No drinks, no snacks, nothing."

Pros: "The agents in the air were a lot more understanding and at least apologized."

Cons: "I understand if we need to check bags because its full but when iy is not full but you demand I check it anyway all you are doing is adding travel time to my trip. Also we needed things in our bags that we otherwise would have had. Not the best customer service at the gate."

Pros: "But the crew were awesome!"

Cons: "Flight delayed then gate was changed, while I was using lavatory and did not hear changes! Then boarding was confusing as the intercom wasn't working. Overall poor."

Pros: "They offered water and snacks It was quick"

Pros: "We were traveling with a group of 8, only 3 of us had assigned seats when were arrived and the others were on standby. We asked the attendant at the gate desk if there was any chance that the rest of us on standby could be seated together... HE UPGRADED OUR WHOLE GROUP TO COMFORT and allowed us to all sit with each other. Greatest flight experience I've had and such great staff with Delta. Will fly Delta going forward whenever I have a a chance (flew Southwest the rest of our trip - service, cleanliness, friendliness didn't compare)."

Pros: "Good entertainment with games for kids, movies etc."

Cons: "No meals (5+ of flying), need to buy earphones, no place for hand lauggudge"

Pros: "Boarding was good"

Cons: "Boarding was good first time flying first class not happy with service when I wanted another Drink had to walk to very back of plane all the flight attendants were hanging in the back tiger no one was in the first class section. In the beginning of the flight took forever to get a drink I have had Reg class has better service. Flew Detroit to Vegas 4.5 hours"

Pros: "A good crew working to do their best"

Cons: "What else? Just too little space..."

Pros: "Friendly crew. Good price. Upgraded to comfort seating without charge since I'm a Delta sky priority flier"

Cons: "Seats uncomfortable."

Pros: "The crew in the business class was very attentive."



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Pros: "The crew was very helpful."

Cons: "Sears are pretty tiny for comfort"

Pros: "Crew"

Cons: "Seats small"

Pros: "Comfortable seats"

Cons: "It was all good"

Cons: "No gate when we landed."

Pros: "The crew was great!"

Pros: "Good price and new clean aircraft."

Cons: "Reclining seats."

Pros: "Amazing crew, comfortable seat"

Cons: "Less delays and gate changes"

Pros: "The crew was nice"

Cons: "Pilots showing up on time. The flight was delayed 3 hours not due to weather or mechanical issues. Then they boarded us on the plane, let us know it was delayed 1.5 hours, then back onto the plane at that time, then waited another 1.5 hours to leave. Unacceptable. I missed my work meeting from this."

Cons: "Space"

Cons: "Better entertainment"

Pros: "Great crew - good attitudes."

Cons: "Delayed for an hour due to a log book issue."

Pros: "Nothing."

Cons: "Staff, room, boarding process, flight schedule and more!"

Cons: "I upgraded my seats, but we still didn’t get any extras for the price."

Pros: "Straight to the point,easy,and convenient"

Cons: "Nothing yet"

Pros: "Convenient without problems"

Cons: "Paying"

Cons: "Same airplane"

Cons: "Delayed."

Pros: "Crew was great."

Cons: "Older aircraft. No electrical outlets. Arm rests did not stay up. Entertainment only on AA app on personal device."

Pros: "The crew was nice"

Cons: "Flight was delayed"

Pros: "It was fine. Just not anything great."

Cons: "Many groups were not seated together. at the airport I asked if my husband and I could be put together . One worker seemed interested in helping, but another rudely butted in and said there "were no seats together, the flight was full." Come to find out the flight was not full, there were whole rows not full. The groups near our seats rearranged ourselves so we could be by our family members, so it worked out. No thanks to the person at the terminal. Really long walk from the gate to the plane. No food on a cross country flight. Only a few cups of water/soda and a cookie. which unfortunately is typical now days. The lights were off the whole trip. The captain kept turning on the seat belt sign for the turbulence. Which there was a lot of. But then he would announce for everyone to go back to their seats. It wasn't huge bumps, just a little rough. and it woke everyone up by announcing it multiple times."

Pros: "Comfortable and on time"

Cons: "The flight was delayed by an hour because one flight attended didn’t come to work on time"

Pros: "Everything"

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "They keep cramming the seats closer and closer together."

Pros: "Boarding and flight was on time."

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Kiosk sign-in tried to sell several upgrades prior to issuing boarding pass. Very irritating! Seating was very cramped"

Pros: "All good"

Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Our flight was delayed for 1 hour, the cabin crew was slightly rude and cold. Did not feel welcome"

Pros: "Smooth ride and friendly staff"

Cons: "We were a little delayed"

Pros: "friendly staff and good entertainment options"

Cons: "Uncomfortable seats"

Cons: "Above"

Cons: "While Delta are stepping up their snack & refreshment options, American seems to be joining the downhill slide group. If you don't like dry pretzels... choose another airline. Also had that wonderful experience of learning after boarding that you need to have downloaded the app to be able to reach any entertainment options. And, nowhere to plug the device to keep it alive. I didn't realise that AA was competing with the budget airlines like Rouge now..."

Cons: "Everything"

Cons: "No entertainment. No food. The flight was 2:25 minutes but American Airlines managed to make it take three and a half hours. The tone of staff was closer to prison guards than airline hostesses."

Pros: "It was all was"

Pros: "Good preferred seat."

Pros: "On time."

Cons: "The door team was all over the place creating a chaos at the time for boarding the plain. I've notice several people in front of me were complaining due to the boarding dynamics. (Not smooth boarding)"

Cons: "Always delaysd"

Pros: "Terrible"

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Seat 17F is very short on leg room for a 6 foot man. Flight attendants didn't care and rough landing; pilot needs more practice."

Pros: "Smooth flight home from Cancun."

Cons: "Late arrival."

Pros: "The crew were helpful and as I have a disability they gave me a chair with moreegroom and closer to the exit."

Cons: "It took a long time before they offered beverages, we were in the air for more than 1.5 hours before they came by to offer drinks"

Pros: "Plane was clean; staff professional; no issues."

Pros: "The first leg of trip had a newer aircraft......potentially due to the "mechanical delay" that started the fiasco."

Cons: "I don't usually do reviews, but this experience has prompted me too. I usually pick American over other airlines even if the price is slightly higher but after this last fiasco I doubt I will fly with them again. From the start of the trip there was a delay. I was told that I would have to stay in a hotel in Charlotte because I would miss my connecting flight. I agreed and waited for my flight that was nearly 2 hours late. I arrived in Charlotte and retrieved my bag as instructed and went to the counter. The lady then stated that it was probably best if I tried to get on the last remaining flight even though it showed sold out because "there have been delays all day and plenty of people have been missing their connecting flights". So I rechecked my bag and headed to the game. This flight was delayed, as it was the last for the night, so that all the connecting flights could be made. Okay, that is fair enough....even though I didn't get to board and now I no longer had my bag as this is now on the plane. 30 minutes after the plane left I finally get my voucher for motel along with a $12 voucher for food that can only be used in the terminal restaurants......which are now closed for the night. After 30 minutes of trying to contact the hotel for shuttle information I was advised that they were no longer taking airline vouchers. I , again, approached the ticket counter and I was advised that I "would just have to wait because there are no rooms in the system at this time." And none of this instruction seemed professional or accommodating. After another hour I was approached that now there are no other options in their system for accommodations and I would have to pursue options on my own. So......the higher priced one way ticket just became $100 more at no fault of my own."

Pros: "Better than I thought it would be."

Pros: "Ok"

Pros: "Very friendly. Quick & semi efficient."

Cons: "Need bigger chairs for bigger people."

Cons: "Forgot to give me my drink"

Pros: "Friendly crew. Comfortable flight."

Cons: "No seat TV."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Worst staff never flying with this airline again"

Pros: "Fast boarding, early arrival"

Cons: "Snack offerings"


Cons: "If you dont have TSA precheck....get it...lifesaver"

Pros: "Not much after sitting in the airport for two extra hours on both flights"

Cons: "They could have boarded flights on time or at least explained why the flight had been delayed."

Cons: "They charge $50 for a carry on bag!!!"

Pros: "Boarding was fast. We arrived early."

Cons: "It was too cold & they kept turning on the lights (it was a late night flight)."

Pros: "Comfort nice cool cabin on boarding"

Cons: "No complaints with airline but flight was a little ruff on approach made me a little nauseous."

Pros: "We had about a 45 minute weather delay but those things can't be helped. The Captain kept us informed and he flew like superman getting us through all that crazy wind coming into Las Vegas. The plane was new and clean, the crew was great. Love that wide eliminates that sardine feeling!!"

Pros: "The crew was good , plane was delayed and late for departure. Second flight was delayed by 2 1/2 hours , I just can’t catch a break !!"

Cons: "I could not log onto the website and check my carryon bag , cost me $50 at check in. It would not recognize my number for the first flight. I’m a known traveler on Frontier so I did log in with them ."

Cons: "There was no way for us to add another bag after our seat placement. No one answered the phone for Alligent and the website didn’t work. It costs $20 extra to do this at the airport. Even though it was not our fault that there was no one answering phone calls (and no way to leave a message)"

Pros: "Definitely the price. Fairly quick boarding process, just a little congested. Decent priced drinks."

Cons: "Not the most comfortable seats, but there was no one next to me, so it was okay."

Pros: "The crew was amazing"


Pros: "Great crew and online customer service..."

Cons: "1- Flight Behind Schedule 2- Live customer service agents are truly non-existent until 1.5hrs before ‘departure’"

Pros: "Nothing, honestly. Constantly delayed, cheap airline with forced fees, only one I could take and I can’t believe you exist. You have horrible customer service"

Cons: "I will never fly you again. Sure you don’t care."

Cons: "Long delays"

Cons: "Delays!!"

Cons: "Bags charge for 105$"

Cons: "Paying extra for EVERYTHING"

Pros: "Arrived on time after boarding was delayed. Great price/ you get what you pay for."

Cons: "No diaper changing station in any of the 3 bathrooms.flight attendants could have been friendlier"

Cons: "So many charges at every step. $5 for boarding passes?"

Cons: "I am so angry booking with them. I booked the flight and then thought, ok I will add a rental car. It said clearly that the rental Car could be canceled up until 24 hours before the flight. Well, 2 weeks before the flight, my friend said, don’t get a rental car, I will have my car. So I cancelled and only then did I find out that once I booked it through their site I could not get a refund for the car and I could only get a voucher for use on one of their flights! And only after they take out any fees and costs that was accrued! So angry!"

Pros: "Quick boarding with no fuss."

Cons: "The planes could be a lot cleaner."

Pros: "Better than on time Smooth sailing through south bend airport!"

Cons: "Just have to remember thrift airline No seat going back"

Pros: "Friendly staff"

Cons: "Last minute delay due to a plane malfunction. Was told very last minute. Seemed like there were no quick resolutions in play. Had to wait over three hours to fly out, doesnt that entail compensation by law?"

Pros: "Fare and friendly staff."

Cons: "No wi-fi."

Cons: "I understand that Allegiant has a pricing structure to implement, but forcing passengers to keep personal items between their feet when most of the overhead compartments were empty was just insulting and ridiculous - not to mention dangerous. In the event of extreme turbulence (or worse), all those personal items would be flying around the cabin."

Cons: "Our engine seats at the rear of the plane were of course a little noisy at first. We got these seats on both our flights. Hoped that at least one-way we would have managed seats with a window."

Pros: "On the way there and back the staff was friendly, the flight was smooth and and overall everything was just great. This was my first time flying with Allegiant and I will definitely do it again."

Pros: "I arrived safely Tommy Destination"

Cons: "It was so hot boarding and unloading. There was no air. Staff was curt and not very friendly as of assistance."

Cons: "Old plane with fixed seats with very limited leg room which were not comfortable- broken window shades, scratched windows, & rattles everywhere made for a long flight. Crew was ok, I would fly again if the price was enough of a savings"

Cons: "Allegiant 468 7/27 4 1/2 hour delay on flight 569 on 7/27 and not a single person on the ground or plane even said sorry. Allegiant also failed to update the revised departure time. Allegiant posted an initial delay of 30 minunutes but then, when there was a further 2 hour delay due to a problem with the plane in Vegas Allegiant didn't update the time. (G4 568 was showing a two hour delay, with a 1010 arrival into STS but Allegiant never updated the departure time for 569 to reflect the additional two hour delay.) It wasn't until I called that it got updated and when I called I had to point out that the airplane hadn't even left Vegas and Allegiant was still showing an 8:50 departure time. It also took the reservation agent over 20 minutes to get any information about what was going on. Lastly each and every time I call I was on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes before being able to speak to a person"

Pros: "I did not like anything about it. The Departure flight was two hours late. They made us board then unboard the plane, change gates. Then the return flight was posponed from 9pm to 3am departure. They didn't have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable. I even purchased the extI did not like anything about it. The Departure flight was two hours late. They made us board then unboard the plane, change gates. Then the return flight was posponed from 9pm to 3am departure. They didn't have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable. I even purchased the extra legroom. No recline, no room. Horrible flight"

Cons: "I did not like anything about it. The Departure flight was two hours late. They made us board then unboard the plane, change gates. Then the return flight was posponed from 9pm to 3am departure. They didn't have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable. I even purchased the extI did not like anything about it. The Departure flight was two hours late. They made us board then unboard the plane, change gates. Then the return flight was posponed from 9pm to 3am departure. They didn't have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable. I even purchased the extra legroom. No recline, no room. Horrible flight"

Pros: "Comfort and speed of the flight. Attentive staff!"

Cons: "Need one craft beer"

Pros: "Their flights are always delayed. They have some pretty old flights and they always get broke before the take off and they have to do some maintenance before take off. Not going to fly again with them."

Cons: "Entire flight experience."

Cons: "Not to be helped, but was a bit bumpy."

Cons: "The flight got cancelled - trip had to be completely rearranged."

Pros: "The price and the nonstop flight."

Cons: "6+ hour delays Plane looked to be in sad shape, paint peeling, looked bolted together from spare parts. Strange Air Conditioning issues mid-flight that turned the plane into a walk-in freezer. upon landing our entire flights bags were abandoned and there wasn't a single Allegiant representative in the airport to communicate with the airport baggage people. After 1.5 hour wait our bags were finally offloaded onto the baggage claim by an airport employee not normally tasked with the job. Allegiant was paged over and over with no response. I will NEVER fly Allegiant again."

Cons: "Two out of three bathrooms out of order"

Pros: "We eventually got to Las Vegas."

Cons: "Everything. Spend an it make and book with someone else."

Pros: "The crew was very friendly"

Cons: "The flight was delayed 2 hours. The plane was freezing the entire flight. Apparently, the crew tried to get the pilot to turn down the air, but it never happened. I hate how Allegiant nickel and dimes you. Not even a cup of water is free."


Pros: "Nothing."

Cons: "They overcharge for bags and their weight limit is only 40 pounds. They leave the desk and hour before take off which doesn't help people who are running late. They charge you to print out your boarding pass. They don't even send the boarding pass through email, you have to download the app. Overall horrible customer service. When call for customer service you can't even get a human representative. I missed my flight and they didn't even have another flight to to accommodate me to get to my destination and no one at the front desk to talk to."

Cons: "Muy mal aerolínea"

Cons: "everything was poor"

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "Bought two tickets, I had to pay more to sit with my wife. Seats don't recline. Endless emails before the flight telling me to pay for my carry ons."

Pros: "The direct flight"

Cons: "The seats were a bit hard"

Pros: "The from take off to landing was smooth"

Cons: "Have no dislikes"

Cons: "I didn't like the schedule time change. Very inconvenient missed some of my planned festivities that were prepaid."

Cons: "The weather blizzard and freeways being closed. I missed my flight"

Pros: "Not much"

Cons: "7 ½ hr maintenance delay. Entirely predictable and easily forecasts. Pretty bush league."

Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "I mean what to you expect from an America carrier in economy"

Cons: "Everything"

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Cons: "My luggage is all soaking wet. Horrible."

Cons: "Entertainment system did not work. Wifi did not work so could not use personal devices. Light did not work so couldn't read a book. Looking at the back of the seat in front of me for 5 hours was pretty tedious."

Pros: "United’s crew were the sweetest. They knew I looked so tired, they took care of me and everyone on board!"

Pros: "No surprises, boarding, friendly plane staff, carry on so didn’t have to worry about baggage issues , on-time"

Cons: "Pilots flying: the plane would turn or ascend/descend in such a way that I felt that I was going to pass out. I was not intoxlcated nor did i experience it on my previous flight nor the majority of this flight unless maneuvering was occurring. Also, again, worthless wifi"

Pros: "Comfort, service and entertainment"

Cons: "Flight was not on time and delayed by 2 hours."

Cons: "Was a disaster we’re stuck at the airport for 3 1/2 hours delayed the flight.... gave us a vautcher for 10$ canadian by the time everything at the airport was closed for food. There were no space for our luggage. Spend 12 hours at airports from Victoria to Las Vegas."

Cons: "Flight was cancelled due to weather. Earlier flight delayed twice for take off."

Cons: "Took off an hour late from a gate all the way across the terminal from the assigned gate. Promised "free" Direct TV did not work and the Wi-Fi didn't either."

Pros: "See above. The same applies."

Cons: "See above. The same applies."

Pros: "The flight crew was very helpful and very willing to work with everyone."

Pros: "Comfortable seats. Great crew. Enjoyed the random jokes."

Cons: "Long taxing"

Pros: "The passengers I sat next to they were very nice people"

Cons: "No leg room and the crazy amount of turbulence we encountered throughout the trip."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "I got dumped the day before I was supposed to fly to see my girlfriend. There was nothing I could do about taking the flight anyway. Because I needed fly as cheep as possible, I used you to book my flight. I tried to get a refund, but found out with fees it was going to cost more than I paid for the ticket."

Cons: "The crew allowed an excessively foul smelling person on the plane who was obviously Intoxicated on some illicit drug and smelled so bad that it made the entire area unbearable."

Pros: "Organization, entertainment."

Cons: "Delays, lack of communication"

Pros: "Everything !!"

Cons: "Not applicable ........................................... ..............."

Pros: "good flight"

Cons: "no entertainment"

Cons: "No Food"

Pros: "Plane was on time and even landed early"

Cons: "The gentleman sitting next to me held his duffle bag on his lap the whole flight. Take off and landing included. Take off I thought no big deal, but when it was time to land the flight attendant actually looked right at him and said nothing.. When I put my tray down, there was sugar and coffee stains on it. Luckily, I had a wet wipe to wipe it off. The attendants were not very friendly and I was disappointed with them. It just seemed like they were in a hurry. Note this was my flight from Omaha to Chicago. NOT the connecting flight Ord-DCA."

Pros: "United Airlines for a change did a decent job flying back to LAS unlike our flight from BUF to EWR which got canceled and we had to drive to Newark which was not only disappointing but to witness customer service uncaring even more distressing."

Cons: "We may not choose UA for our family from now on. Quite a bit of confusion even when trying to reach customer service over phone, the hold time is 15 to 20 min?"

Pros: "It was a short flight"

Cons: "Delayed"

Cons: "I missed my flight due to a nonsense delay from Charlotte. Arrived at the gate 1 minute after scheduled take off and the plane was gone. Not even an attempt to waiting as I ran, 5 months pregnant, through the airport. I was rebooked to arrive in Las Vegas at midnight. 12 hours after the original time. I bought a flight from Southwest. I will never fly united again"

Pros: "Crew was nice, did their best to help."

Cons: "14 hours late"

Pros: "I know it's not the crews fault for the delay, but everything was just truly horrendous. I was a little hesitant to fly United after their scandal, but now I know that I should not have. After a 2+ hour delay, I had to pay $60 at the gate to check a CARRY-ON that I had already asked about at the baggage drop at the beginning of that dreadful day. They assured me that it would be no problem, and foolish me, I actually believed them, so instead of paying $25 to check it ahead of time, I got screwed for $60. For a close to 6 hour flight, a meal should be provided. Entertainment was free because of the fiasco, but normally it's $7.99 which is ridiculous. Lastly, the leg room was really nonexistent. Truly the worst experience I've ever had flying, and I've flown plenty of airlines, both domestic and international. I definitely think my return trip back to Jersey will be my last time flying United."

Cons: "Refer to the aforementioned post outlining everything I did not like about this absolute trip from hell. Very disappointing to experience that and it really started the trip out on a sour note. Hopefully it gets better before I have to get back on another United plane back home."

Pros: "Not much"

Cons: "Comfort was non existent"

Pros: "people were polite and nice"

Cons: "cramped seating"

Cons: "No accommodations for those with medical needs. The stewardess was rude"

Pros: "Let us sleep without disturbing!"

Pros: "Ran out of food so we had no food for a 5 hour flight Las airport is a nightmare; so much walking involved. For seniors ask for assistance"

Cons: "Everything"

Pros: "All perfect! Amazing how much nicer flight staff was!!"

Cons: "No plug to charge my phone. Lame. But the flight was fine."

Cons: "2 hours delay"

Pros: "The staff was very friendly and professional. The flight also arrived early."

Cons: "If you're going to offer personal device entertainment, you need to offer power outlets. How is that not common sense?"

Cons: "Delayed departure again"

Cons: "I never made it to Helena. Flight was delayed 2 hours so I missed my connection and had to fly to an alternate airport and buy myself a rental car and hotel room."

Pros: "I was able to get the next flight on standby"

Cons: "I was told at check in to go to the wrong security point, which caused me to miss boarding my original flight."

Cons: "On board service!!!!!"

Pros: "Not bad overall. I was exhausted at one point and passed out in my chair. I would have missed my flight if the gentleman boarding people hadn't noticed and woke me up to ask if I should be on the flight. I was out so deeply that I hadn't heard any announcements. There wasn't any food on the three flights but a cookie waffle thing and that was all I had during the 13ish hours I was on planes. The staff was super awesome and nice. Space wasn't any different than other planes, but tight on the first flight. I got lucky on the last two."

Cons: "I was starving and dehydrated."

Pros: "The crew was good."

Cons: "I paid for the internet that never worked. I couldn't watch a movie or TV either. It was t just me, a lot of people around me had the same issue."

Pros: "United wide body jet was roomy and comfortable. Even sitting in the middle seat between two strangers was not awkward or uncomfortable Easy boarding and helpful attendants on board."

Pros: "Almost didn't make my connection."

Pros: "First of all the captain let us board early and get settled, the flight attendants were very friendly and the take off and landing were smooth, it was a great flight the seats were comfortable and the trip was short."

Cons: "Wifi didn't work"

Pros: "Our flight was delayed by more than an hour due to weather conditions. The pilot made up 30 mins in flight though, so we were only 30-40 mins late."

Cons: "No room for carry-ons. Had to check in my suitcase."

Pros: "Attention from crew."

Cons: "For a 5 hour flight, instead of a glass of coke or juice, I should get the whole can. Need an alternative to a cookie. some people have 'sugar problems'."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Everything was bad!!!! With a lot of delay"

Pros: "The flight attendant was really Nice"

Cons: "The agent at the gate were not helpful, we somehow got seats at opposite ends of the plane. Rowm17 and row 40."

Pros: "Didn't have food"

Well the first and worst thing is that you have to pay for a carry on bag. Which they tell you if you don’t read it when you book your flight. You can do it through their website at the ticket area. The staff in Sacramento were RUDE and wouldn’t answer any questions. I will NEVER book with Frontier again. Save the headache and book with Southwest so you don’t have to pay to carry your own bag on the plane. It cost me 41 and 37. On top of my fare. Which by the way went up as soon as I booked it. First it said 38 and then wouldn’t you know it, once I was ready to book, it went up to 78.

Cons: "More room."

Pros: "Not much"

Cons: "Why did I have to pay so many fees"

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Pros: "Pleasant"

Pros: "The ticket agent was very helpful and friendly."

Cons: "The boarding agent was aloof and unprofessional. Also, this is my second time flying Frontier and the plane is always late. Probably my last time flying with Frontier. At least I gave it a second chance."

Pros: "The flight crew was entertaining and handled the situation the best way I could see possible with a plane full of angry customers. I've been flying a lot recently and the frontier crew was the nicest I've seen."

Cons: "The last minute flight delay due to weather that could have been foreseen. When the weather was so poor we should have been notified so I could have booked a flight for another day. Instead the flight boarding was delayed an hour. We were on the plane for over 2 hours before we could deboard the plane. Then we had to wait in the closed airport for another 30-40 minutes. One of the worst flight delays I have ever experienced with no notice of the terrible weather Las Vegas was expected to get."

Cons: "I was really surprised you don't get a complementary drink & snack. Especially when you have to pay for each seat."

Pros: "Like the price for the airfare."

Cons: "Delayed flight for almost 4 hours. And double booked for the seat. My mom had another person booked on the same seat number we have."

Pros: "I didn’t board this flight...and I need a refund"

Cons: "I didn’t board this flight...and I need a refund"

Pros: "The boarding was easy and the rates were reasonable."

Cons: "The seats are the most uncomfortable ever! It felt like they had thrown a piece of plastic over a hard metal seat. They don't recline at all, so a 4 hour flight was almost unbearable. I won't be flying a long flight again with Frontier."

Cons: "They gave me and someone else the same seat luckily it wasn’t a packed flight and was able to move to a row that was empty"

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "I asked if I could sit in an empty row after take off and was told no because that's for the crew. Passenger seats do not get reserved for crew who want to chill out and eat and drink. It was empty and I simply wanted to rest against the window and nap."

Cons: "rude stewardesses. uncomfortable seats. maintenance issues"

Pros: "Having to buy seats for a family to seat together. The seats very uncomfortable. Seats don't recline."

Pros: "Comfort, excelente flight thx"

Cons: "None"

Pros: "How easy it was to process our boarding passes. The flight crew members were awesome."

Cons: "We didn't know military did not have to pay for their luggage. We paid prior to arrival"

Pros: "I liked the price, staff, and safety."

Cons: "It was very cramped and uncomfortable"

Cons: "Overall it was goo. The flight was delayed"

Pros: "Cheap rate but hidden fees."

Cons: "They charge for both carry on and checked in luggage. And it's even more for carry on than for checked luggage. No recline whatsoever in seats. If you want a soda or snack, you have to pay extra for it."

Pros: "There was okay legroom and the plane was spacious. But not a single drink or snack included, even for a4 hour flight. It just felt like they were trying to sell stuff to us the entire time. Even for water! Unbelievable."

Pros: "Finally! You guys have an app and you let us put in a known traveler number. It's about time!"

Pros: "The price was excellent."

Cons: "The charge for a carry-on and a checked bag. I feel that if I have to pay for a checked bag, I should not have to also pay for a carry on."

Pros: "The steward on the way back to vegas"

Cons: "Lack of customer service Lack of PILOTS Lack of stewards Tiny seats 1.99$ soda"

Pros: "Low price"

Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats Extremely slow check in process Seating of passengers is unorganized"

Pros: "They overbook the flight, i didnt let me go. They put on another plane at a late time so i have miss two days of my vacations because of them. My treat has been horroble. Please do not recommend them"

Cons: "You send e-mail notices to me but I cannot access e-mail away from home as I am not into smart gadgets. I checked at home for flight status but by the time I drove 70 minutes to the airport, the flight was delayed, and delayed, and delayed. Once at Denver, we sat on the tarmac for 4 1/2 hours waiting for a gate. Southwest deplaned people on the tarmac. Once at the gate, we had to wait another 15 min for a jetway operator and someone to operate the TUG/generator. And my consolation prize was a 4 oz cup of water. YIPPEE!!"

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "Hidden seat fee at the time check in (but overall reasonable price) Not knowing about the mobile app, so I didn't have to print my boarding pass"

Pros: "Non stop flights. On time great attendants"

Cons: "Foot cost to much."

Pros: "Flight was on time"

Cons: "Rude male flight attendant, sloppy boarding, Greyhound Bus atmosphere, no free snacks or water, no entertainment."

Pros: "Price"

Cons: "Very bare bones. Every time you look they wanted to sell you something else. Buy water, buy a snack, sign up for our credit card."

Pros: "Got here earlier then expected"

Cons: "The airlines do not offer complimentary drinks and snacks for a 3 to 4 hour flight"

Pros: "Arrived safely on time"

Cons: "Crowded and rude crew"

Pros: "Boarding was organized and the flight was on time for boarding, takeoff and arrival at the destination gate."

Cons: "The seats are well-shiort of luxurious, and there is no beverage service or entertainment. Also, you have to pay for both carry-on and checked luggage. I guess these are all things you should expect from a discount airline."

Pros: "They got me to Denver."

Cons: "We boarded on time (in fact, we were supposed to land 10 minutes early at 5:05, when our original arrival time was 5:16). At 5:10, the captain came on and said that we weren't going to arrive until 5:50, "because of a reroute from earlier." We weren't informed of this reroute until 5 minutes after we expected to land. We pulled up to the jetway at 5:45 and the jetway was broken. More specifically, the KEY to the jetway was broken and they had to call "someone from the city" to come fix it. Finally two people came and fixed it and we were able to get off the plane at 6:20 (amongst extremely disgruntled people shoving their way past the rows in front of them, which no crew member did anything about). Beyond this, the armrest between my fiance and me was missing it's plastic cover, so a bumpy piece of hard metal was digging into my elbow the entire flight. When I pulled out my tray table (from my neighbors armrest) there was gum smushed into it. I told crew and they said they'd clean it when we got to Denver, so I was stuck with it the entire flight. Last, the hidden fees associated with Frontier are insane. Our flight cost an additional $110 for seats and bags and we'll pay that again on the way home. $220 in hidden fees is absolutely unacceptable. People were actually crying at the gate because they didn't know they had to pay for all of this and didn't have the money. Not one thing mentioned here is an acceptable way to treat paying customers at any level."

Cons: "First: Don't get to the airport too early because they will not let you check in early. Second: The lack of customer service the counter personnel had was appalling. A customer that was running late was given the runaround and eventually missed her flight because the employees refused to help her."

Cons: "I vowed never to fly Frontier again but I had to go to a funeral last minute and they were all I could afford. Our flight was delayed 2 hours after we had already boarded. They offered no options for finding us another flight or anything. All the stores in the airport were closed because it was late and they offered us no food or drinks. Seats were unbelievably uncomfortable and didn't recline. Never flying with them again."

Pros: "The staff were very polite and professional."

Cons: "The hidden fees drive the total cost much higher than one would expect. Having to pay a fee to get a seat assignment and another fee to have one item of luggage is ridiculous. All totaled there were about $200 in hidden fees above the cost of the tickets."

Pros: "It was simple and easy,overall very good"

Cons: "It was very windy when we got to Vegas and the turbulance was very shaky"

Cons: "Uncomfortable thin padded seats"

Pros: "Easy boarding, clean plane and bathroom."

Cons: "My chair didn't let back so it was a bit uncomfortable but I had decent leg room on an aisle seat."

Pros: "Quick, easy flight."

Cons: "N/A"

Pros: "I really have no complaints. They were on time and the plane was clean."

Cons: "Better cancelation policy"

Pros: "The employees are extremely pleasant and professional"

Cons: "Both legs were delayed"

Pros: "It was cheap. Overhead compartments were quite roomy."

Cons: "It was probably the most uncomfortable flight I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing. The seats were like wooden benches and didn't recline. The tray is only half the size of the standard. I'm pretty sure it's going to take a few sessions with a chiropractor to fix the abuse to my spine."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Flights are always delayed or out right cancelled"

Pros: "The crew was courteous."

Cons: "The flight was the most unfortunate flight I was ever on. You felt like a sardine and could not even recline our seat at all. I would never recommend this airline and would not choose to fly with this airline again unless I was desperate. Also I felt that paying for a carrying was unfair especially not being made aware of this a booking as well as being charged $1.99 for a cup of hot tea that wasn't even like warm."

Pros: "The crew was pleasant."

Cons: "The charge for EVERYTHING! Bags, boarding, seating"

Pros: "The crew was fantastic!!!!"

Cons: "Seats were too close. Hardly had room to move at all."

Cons: "Paying for food/drink and not getting anything complimentary - Boo No entertainment to rate. The seats don't move"

Pros: "New plane. Good deals on food, though you had to pay."

Cons: "4 hours late on departure, with various reasons given depending on the staff. Flight attendants were good at their job, but could not be both polite and stern (as in, please sit down while the plane is still climbing, or even a "Pay attention, please!" said during the emergency evacuation procedure discussion.)"

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