Fry's Fuel Points Program Explained ~ Locations: Shell, Circle K, Fry's | Bargain Believer (2023)

Fry's Fuel Points Program Explained ~ Locations: Shell, Circle K, Fry's | Bargain Believer (1)

Everything you need to know about Fry’s/Kroger Fuel Points is in one place, updated for 2021. I thought I was a pro, but I still learned something new when I read the fine print. I understand all the rules now. Keep reading!

Here’s a link to their full program details, but I’ll summarize it all below.

How do you earn Fry’s Fuel Points?

  • 1 point for every dollar spent
  • double points for purchasing qualifying gift cards
    (excludes Fry’s, Visa, etc)
  • 25 points for non-federally funded prescriptions
    (75 points for 90-day supply)
  • 50 points for taking a survey
  • occasional bonus points

How do Fry’s Fuel Points work once they are earned?

To use Fry’s Fuel Points, you need to accumulate at least 100. Every 100 will save you 10¢/gallon. You can use up to 1000 points at a time, saving up to $1/gallon.

Each month is separate and points do not combine. Any points beyond 100, 200, 300, etc. are lost and a new point accumulation begins the following month.

How soon can you use Fry’s Fuel Points?

Fry’s Fuel points show up almost instantly and can be used right away. Just in case there is a technical problem or change sometime, it’s always safest to check your account to make sure they show up. If you see the points, you can use them.

How do you check how many Fry’s Fuel Points you have?

To see how many Fuel Points you have, check the bottom of your receipt, online, or in your app.

The bottom of your receipt will only show you a total. If you want details from each transaction or to see if you were properly credited for a survey you completed, you will need to log in online or open your app.

From your app go to the menu bar on the top left (the three lines), tap “Rewards” and then choose “Fuel Points,” then “Continue.” You will see your total at the top, with details for each transaction below.

From a browser, make sure you’re logged in, hover over your name, and then choose “My Fuel Points.” You can click “View “Details” in the section for the month you want to know more than a total. It will show you what was earned for each transaction or survey you’ve completed.

How do you get 4x Fuel Points & other bonuses at Fry’s for gift cards or other purchases?

Opportunities to earn bonus Fuel Points at Fry’s usually require that you load a digital coupon either online or through your app.

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The digital offer could be for something like double Fuel Points on your whole purchase on the weekend or maybe quadruple points when you buy qualifying gift cards. Or, you could find a digital coupon in your app or online for something like 200 bonus points when you buy a $25+ Chipotle gift card.

Sometimes the digital coupons are advertised in their weekly ad. Other times you will need to search or just stumble upon them with your other digital coupon offers.

Load all the coupons that might apply since they sometimes “stack” for even more points. Read the fine print on each digital coupon offer, and it will tell you what is excluded and what can’t be used together. If nothing is stated about being unable to use them with another offer, both offers can be used together if the minimum requirements for each coupon are met.

If you don’t have digital capabilities, ask your cashier or go to customer service and they should be able to help you. There is often a barcode they can scan that will give you the extra points.

Fry's Fuel Points Program Explained ~ Locations: Shell, Circle K, Fry's | Bargain Believer (2)

Get 50 Fuel Points for completing a survey after you shop at Fry’s.

Fry’s/Kroger Fuel Points survey invitations and codes are often found on your receipt, but you can also earn 50 points even if you don’t receive the offer on your receipt.

If you don’t see an invitation/offer to complete the survey, choose “I do not have a survey Entry ID on my receipt.” Have your receipt handy since it will ask for very specific information, but you can bypass the ID portion.

Go to or find “Receipt Survey” in the dropdown menu of your app.

You can complete a survey every 7 days, earning 50 points each time. That’s fairly often and can add about 200 points to your total each month if you can remember to do it each week.

Someone I know keeps her recent receipts and does a survey each Monday to maximize her points. Smart! I wish I was so organized and disciplined.

What is excluded from earning Fuel Points at Fry’s?

You do not earn points for everything at Fry’s. Alcohol, tobacco, money orders, postage stamps, lottery, product deposits, promotional tickets, tax & fees (including pickup and delivery fees) are excluded from earning Fuel Points. Some milk and milk products are excluded in some states. You also do not earn points for fuel purchases at Fry’s gas stations.

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Is there a limit to how many Fry’s Fuel Points you can earn or redeem?

There is no limit to the number of Fuel Points you can earn, but you can only redeem 1000 at a time, saving up to $1/gallon. (Every 100 points saves you 10¢/gallon.)

What can you do with leftover Fry’s Fuel Points?

You can do absolutely nothing with leftover Fry’s Fuel Points at the end of each month. If you make it to 499 in one month, you will earn 4 Rewards, getting you 40¢ off per gallon. The 99 extra won’t get you anything the next month since the slate is wiped clean each month. Watch your points at the end of the month. It might be worth picking up an extra item or two if you’re just a little short on points.

How long do Fry’s Fuel Points last? When do they expire?

Fry’s Fuel Points can be used during the month you earn them or the following month. For instance, if you accumulate 280 points in January, you could use them in January or February. (You would save 20¢/gallon and the 80 points would be wasted if that was your total for a complete month.)

Look at the bottom of your most recent receipt, online, or in your app to see your latest Fuel Point total and when the points expire.

How many gallons of gas can you get with your Fuel Rewards at Fry’s?

You can save on a max of 35 gallons of gas when you are redeeming your Fry’s Fuel Rewards.

We have brought more than one vehicle, parked across the pump from each other, and switched to a second vehicle after the first is filled. Just be quick enough so that the pump doesn’t cut off, and you can fill more than one tank, up to 35 gallons.

How do you use Fry’s Fuel Points at the pump?

When you get to the gas station, simply scan your loyalty card or enter your alternate ID (usually your phone number) after indicating you want to use your fuel rewards.

What if you want to use older Fry’s Fuel Points before the current month’s?

The Fry’s Fuel Points program automatically gives you the highest discount available at the pump. If you want to change that for any reason, you need to go to Fry’s fuel station. It can not be done at a Circle K or Shell.

At the pump at Fry’s, the system will ask you if you want to “use the full amt” or if you want to “change amt.” You will then be prompted to enter an amount. Be sure you know the amount you have available since it will not tell you. Remember, points do not combine. You will probably want to choose the exact amount (10, 20, 30, 40, etc) that is closest to expiring.

Example: If you have 340 points you haven’t used from January and in February you have already earned 580, you would automatically save 50¢/gallon (using 500 points from February). While it sounds great to save the most that you can, you could prefer to use the 300 January points before they expire and save only 30¢/gallon instead. This way you can save your 50¢/gallon discount for a future purchase after the January points expire.

Where can you use Fry’s Fuel Points?

Fry's Fuel Points Program Explained ~ Locations: Shell, Circle K, Fry's | Bargain Believer (3)

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Fry’s Fuel Points can be redeemed at Fry’s gas locations, Shell, or Circle K stations. To find a location near you, go here. Make sure you look at the “Fuel” tab or filter by “Gas Station.”

Or, if you go to the “Rewards” tab of your app, then “Fuel Points,” you will see a link to “View Fuel Locations” under your point totals.

See the note below about Circle K locations that seem to be missing from the list now.

Can you use Fry’s Fuel Points at Circle K & Shell?

For some reason, Circle K locations are not showing up on the map Fry’s provides, but I redeemed them at a Circle K recently, so I know they are still honoring them. Hopefully, they’ll get that updated soon.

Shell stations appear to be listed, except the ones that are tied to a Circle K.

If you find that Circle K has stopped allowing redemptions, please leave a comment below, and I will update this section ASAP.

Can you use Fry’s Fuel Points on vacation at other gas stations?

You can use your Fry’s Fuel Points at any of their family of stores & participating locations. To find a location, go here and make sure you’re looking at the “fuel” tab.

How do coupons affect Fry’s Fuel Points?

You can end up with more Fuel Points than dollars spent at Fry’s. If you use manufacturer coupons you still earn on that amount. So, if your total should have been $25 and you used $5 in coupons and only paid $20, you would still earn 25 fuel points. (Tax will not count towards fuel points.)

Are Fry’s Fuel Points worth the effort?

Since the Fry’s Fuel Point program is automatic (except bonus offers you need to load) and free to participate in, you really have nothing to lose by comparing numbers when you have points.

Of course, determining whether to redeem your points is a little more tricky.

I am a Costco member and live really close to one. They are usually about 20¢/gallon cheaper than the Fry’s or Circle K station closest to me. So, if I can’t save at least 30¢/gallon, it’s usually not worth it to me.

Since the difference between stations can vary, I have the GasBuddy app installed on my phone. I can quickly look to see the difference in price and determine where I’m better off getting gas.

I’ve also started using the GetUpside app with my Fuel Points at Circle K to save even more! Your savings can vary depending on location, time, and other variables, but the amount seems to be 5¢-19¢ extra savings per gallon. If you use another discount like Fry’s Fuel Points, they reduce the savings by 3.5¢. Even after that deduction, I’m always saving something more. (Note: You can’t always trust the actual price listed in the GasBuddy app, but you can trust the amount off per gallon.) Read more about my thoughts on GetUpside here.

There are months I let my 200-300 points expire and others I use it. If it’s 400 or more, it’s almost always worth it to me to redeem them.

Fry’s Fuel Points Customer Service

If you have any issues with earning or redeeming Fry’s Fuel Points, contact their customer service. They are usually very accommodating and will try to make it right for you.

Call them at: 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377)

Or, fill out a form here.

Update: The giveaway has ended, but all the fuel rewards information is still accurate and good information! Congrats to Michelle A! Thanks to everyone who entered!


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Can I use Fry's fuel points at Shell? ›

Fuel Points can be redeemed at our Kroger Family of Stores Fuel Centers and participating Shell locations.

Does Circle K honor Fry's fuel points? ›

Fry's Fuel Points can be redeemed at Fry's gas locations, Shell, or Circle K stations.

How do Kroger fuel points work at Shell? ›

At Kroger Family of Stores Fuel Centers you can redeem up to 1,000 Fuel Points for $1 off per gallon. At participating Shell locations, you can redeem 100 Fuel points for 10¢ off per gallon.

Does Shell fuel rewards work at Circle K? ›

Fry's customers can now redeem Fuel Points under the company's loyalty V.I.P. Card program at participating Shell-branded and Circle K stations in the state. As part of the expanded program, which began May 8, Fry's customers can save up to $1 per gallon of gas when they redeem up to 1,000 Fuel Points.

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