Home Name Plate as Per Vastu: Significance and Materials (2023)

For Indians, a house is more than just a place to live in. Before moving to a new house, we conduct Griha Pravesh puja to protect it from negative energies and increase the flow of positivity. Many people also follow Vastu Shastra's tips to instil good luck in their homes. One such tip is using a name plate as per Vastu. The use of name plates in Indian homes is common but using one as per Vastu isn't something everyone is aware of.

In this article, let’s get to know how using name plates according to Vastu can invoke positivity and prosperity in your home, which materials to use and where to put Vastu name plates outside your home for best results.

Table of contents

  • Selecting Name Plate Designs for Main Gate as Per Vastu
  • Wooden, Metallic and Acrylic: Materials to Choose From
    • Acrylic
    • Wooden
    • Stainless Steel
  • Things to Remember When Selecting Name Plates
    • Consider Resident Type
    • Keep it Simple
    • Colour Contrasts
    • Clear Display
    • Right Direction
    • Lighting Is Vital
    • Weather-Friendly
  • Popular Indian House Names as Per Vastu
    • House Names in Hindi
    • House Names in Tamil
    • House Names in Malayalam
  • Dos and Don'ts for Selecting House Names
  • Bottomline
  • Read More About Making Your Home "Vastu Compliant"
  • FAQs

Selecting Name Plate Designs for Main Gate as Per Vastu

A name plate is the first thing that catches one's attention when entering a house. It also acts like a décor element that demonstrates a home owner's sense of style. Back in the day, every home had a similar-looking name plate, a wooden one. You may have seen them in old movies and TV shows as well. In fact, movies and television were a major reason why most people even considered having name plates at their main entrance.

Things have changed, at least with the range of options available these days. Besides the regular wooden ones, you'll find name plates in varied shapes, sizes, colours and fonts. Today, you can even order a custom home name plate as per Vastu with the material and language of your choice.

Home Name Plate as Per Vastu: Significance and Materials (1)

Every name plate's design depends on its material type. And when we say materials, there's a wide variety to select from. This includes:


They are the commonly used material for door name plates these days. They are simple-looking and budget-friendly, making them the first choice of many homeowners. The sturdy and water-resistant qualities of acrylic are the reason why they're used for making aquariums as well. If you're not sure how it looks, you can easily spot it on retail shop boards, roadside hoardings and other outdoor signage.


Wood is the most well-known of all materials. And while it's been here for ages, people still prefer it over any other material. But did you know raw wood is an expensive option to pick?

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Since not everyone can afford wooden name plate designs for home, they choose modified versions of wood such as Medium-Density fiberboards for name plates. Compared to raw wood, they are denser and produced from recycled wood. This makes them more affordable and easily available in the market.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel name plates are a contemporary addition to the vast list of name plate materials. Previously used only for commercial purposes, they are now pretty common as house name plates. Apart from durability, the core USP that makes them a great choice is their availability in different shades. You can choose from black, yellow, red or any other colour of your choice.

However, this is a costly material to opt for. But then, the strength it offers is worth every penny. You don't have to change your name plate every few months as stainless steel name plates stay longer. It is perfect for the outdoors and is also weatherproof.

Things to Remember When Selecting Name Plates

Before choosing a modern house name plate design, you need to keep certain pointers in mind:

Consider Resident Type

Whether you own a bungalow, flat, farmhouse or an independent house, be sure to choose a size that suits your resident type. For a farmhouse or independent house, we recommend hanging the name plate on the main gate. For a flat or condominium, the name plate on the sidewall of the door or the door itself will work fine.

Keep it Simple

The wall or door are two of the most common places to hang a name plate. And while both the options are correct, it is always better to choose the wall. Why? Because that's a simple option and doesn't allow it to damage your door.

A name plate on the door loosens the fixtures causing the door to break after a year or two. Moreover, the visibility of the name plate gets lost when you open the door. On the other hand, a name plate on the wall stays constant.

Colour Contrasts

Select contrasting colours when choosing a name plate. The more contrasting the colours, the more visible the name plate is. Mostly colour selection is taken for granted when selecting a name plate. But as per name plate Vastu, selecting the right colour is integral. It suggests that you should pick a colour that matches your front door.

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A white name plate is the best choice for wooden main doors. It attracts positive energies and prosperity. Even a golden-coloured name plate is a good choice for the main door name plate as it looks elegant and signifies illumination.

Clear Display

The name plate should display clear-cut information. Traditionally, people only wrote their

surnames on name plates. With changing times, however, people started using their first names.

The key is to make it look as clutter-free as possible. Too much design or calligraphy can ruin the name plate. Going by Vastu, choose a simple font over a thin or wavy one because that would make the name plate difficult to read.

Right Direction

The right Vastu name plate placement is on the main door's left side as that is considered auspicious. It also recommends that you place it at a height equal to the door's upper half. It should not be right in front of the elevator or left hanging. Fix it tightly but make sure there aren't holes in it.

Lighting Is Vital

If your house name plate has poor lightning or shadows on it, it's of no use. A name plate like this should be illuminated so that people get a clear view of what's written on it. This is especially for those who own an independent house, villa or farmhouse.

To illuminate the name plate, you can use an energy-efficient LED light. Even incandescent lamps are an option, but they aren't useful in the long term. They tend to fuse easily and require frequent changing. Thus, LED lights are better.


Since a name plate is placed outside your house, it has to bear the changing weather conditions. Not just that, it also has to deal with a great amount of dirt and fungus. Vastu recommends you choose a name plate strong enough to withstand these conditions. It also suggests you clean your name plate from time to time and ensure regular maintenance.

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Popular Indian House Names as Per Vastu

Want to give your house a unique name but can't find any good options? Consider taking a look at the following suggestions:

House Names in Hindi

  • Shanti Niketan: The abode of peace
  • Sri Nivas: A house of wealth
  • Ashiyana: Shelter or home
  • Prem Kunj: A house full of love

House Names in Tamil

  • Magizhvagam: The home of happiness
  • Ananda Nilayam: The home of great joy
  • Iraiyasi: The home with the blessings of God
  • Anbukkudil: Home of love

House Names in Malayalam

  • Kaveri: River
  • Jatasya: The Ocean
  • Ihita: Desire
  • Kalpana: Imagination

The list of house name suggestions does not end here. You can find plenty of options online. Just select the language of your choice and choose a name that touches your heart. Getting in touch with a Vastu expert and asking how to select a house name as per Vastu will also help you choose a good name.

Dos and Don'ts for Selecting House Names

There are certain dos and don'ts for choosing a house name. As per Vastu, here are some tips to follow:

  • Don't use an already existing house name. Ask around your neighbourhood and make sure you choose a house name that isn't just trendy but also has a good meaning.
  • Opt for a name close to your heart and hold some personal attachment or deep meaning to it.
  • Pick a name that is attractive and rare.
  • The name on the name plate should be easy to read and pronounce.
  • Vastu recommends that you choose a house name that has a positive meaning. Such a name brings positivity to your home and keeps you happy.
  • The colours should be selected according to specific directions. There are five elements associated with different directions in Vastu, and all of them hold a specific significance. Hire a Vastu expert to help you with it.
  • Similar to colour, materials also hold importance when selecting a name plate. Metal name plates, in particular, are considered a good choice if your house faces the north direction.
  • Those who own a villa or independent house can put up a name plate near their main gate or door. But those living in a flat should consider creating a separate space near the door for the name plate.


name plate selection should not be taken lightly. Whether you are a new homeowner or moving to a rented place, the right name plate selection can positively impact your life. We hope the above tips and suggestions help you make the right choice. We've tried answering some of your questions in the FAQ section below, please take a look.

In case of any other concerns or queries, feel free to reach out to us. And if you have any Vastu-specific topics that you would like us to cover, kindly let us know. We publish blogs and articles regularly and would love to hear from you.

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Which kind of name plate is best for my house?

The right name plate depends on the direction of your main door. For instance, if your door is in the west or north direction, a metal name plate is a good choice. But if your door is in the east or south direction, a wooden name plate is recommended as per Vastu. It is important that your name plate is readable and visually pleasing.

What is the significance of a name plate?

A name plate gives an identity or a name to your home. As per Vastu, it brings prosperity and peace to your house.

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How do I choose a house name?

It's not necessary to give your house a name to hang a name plate. But if you want to, you need to consider various points. This includes your surroundings, the geographical features or history of the house, etc.

How can I fix a name plate on the wall?

There are multiple ways to fix a name plate on the wall. You can choose the screw fixing method, hidden pin fixing method or the classic glue method. According to Vastu, just place it on the left side of the entrance door as that is considered auspicious.

What is a good house name for my place in India?

You can go for a traditional family name or choose from a wide list of options that you find online. Some of the most popular names are Shanti Niketan, Prem Neer, Bageecha, etc.

Does naming your home add value to it?

According to a report from Dailymail UK, a property's value increases by 40% when you add or change its name. There's no proof of this for properties in India, though. In our country, naming a house adds a personal touch to it.

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