Indianola, NE City Data | Population, Maps, Homes, Statistics (2023)

Indianola, NE is a city with great restaurants, attractions, history and people. There are around 642 people who live in Indianola and approximately 11,448 who live in Red Willow County. We want to help people moving to or living in Indianola to understand the dynamics of the city, so we have put together information gathered from various creditable sources to give you a better understanding of Indianola. We have included Indianola housing information, demographics, social and education characteristics, and even economic information.

General Indianola Information

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Red Willow County where Indianola resides is 718.06 square miles. The resident population of this county is 11,448 and has a population rank of 2,338 out of all the places in the United States.

Indianola has a total of 642 people and of those residents there are 323 males and 319 females. The median age of the male population is 38.6 and the female population is 39.9. There are approximately 153 births each year and around 128 deaths. The race breakdown of the population in Indianola varies per year, but currently 640 are one race and 2 are two or more races.

Of the 642 people who live in Indianola, there are 174 under 20 years old. The sex breakdown of the 20 years old and younger population in Indianola is 86 male and 88 female. If you have children or you are under the age of 20, then you will be considered in that statistic. For those of you who are older, then you will be part of the population that is 18 years and older and totals 486.

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General Indianola Information
Total area in square miles - Red Willow County 718.06
Water area in square miles - Red Willow County N/A
Resident population - Red Willow County 11,448
Population rank - Red Willow County 2,338

Total population642
Total population (male)323
Total population (female)319
Population median age (male)38.6
Population median age (female)39.9

Births - Red Willow County153
Deaths- Red Willow County128

Population of one race640
Population of two or more races2

Population under 20 years174
Population under 20 years (male)86
Population under 20 years (female)88
Total population 18 years and over486

Indianola Social Characteristics

There are 4,710 households in Indianola. Families make up 3,190 of these households. The table below breaks down the Indianola families into three different groups. Married-couple families (2,706), male householder with no wife present (151) and female householder with no husband present (310). The remainder of the Indianola households are made up of nonfamily households, which total 1,520. Indianola, NE moving companies help people in Indianola move locally and all around the world.

For years, the US has been building stats on the relationship of males and females 15 years and older in cities around the country including Indianola. This information helps individuals analyze the area they are living in or moving to. For the county where Indianola is based, there are 4,727 females 15 and over; of those females there are 845 never married, 2,843 now married, 35 separated, 555 widowed, and 449 divorced. As for the males, there are N/A males 15 and older: N/A never married, N/A now married, 37 separated, 121 widowed and 393 never married. There is a lot of great information below regarding Indianola social characteristics. Be sure to review the tables for more information on Indianola.

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If you are moving to or from Indianola and need a place to store your things be sure to check out the Indianola, NE self storage quote page or storage guides.

HOUSEHOLDS BY TYPE (Red Willow County)
Total households4,710
Family households (families)3,190
With own children under 18 years1,466
Married-couple family2,706
With own children under 18 years1,164
Male householder, no wife present, family151
With own children under 18 years88
Female householder, no husband present, family310
With own children under 18 years225
Nonfamily households1,520
Householder living alone1,355
65 years and over637
Households with one or more people under 18 years83
Households with one or more people 65 years and over74
Average household size2.33
Average family size2.88
Population in family households537
Other relativesN/A
Unmarried partner3
Roomer or boarderN/A
Housemate or roommate1
Unmarried partner12
Foster child3
Population in nonfamily households105
Male householder47
Male householder living alone40
Male householder not living alone7
Female householder44
Female householder living alone40
Female householder not living alone4
Unmarried partner9
Roomer or boarder4
Housemate or roommate1
Foster childN/A
Females 15 years and over4,727
Never married845
Now married2,843
Males 15 years and overN/A
Never marriedN/A
Now marriedN/A
Total Population642
Under 5 years21
5 to 9 years25
10 to 14 years18
15 to 17 years13
18 and 19 years9
20 years5
21 years2
22 to 24 years9
25 to 29 years19
30 to 34 years23
35 to 39 years23
40 to 44 years32
45 to 49 years25
50 to 54 years18
55 to 59 years15
60 and 61 years11
62 to 64 years11
65 and 66 years2
67 to 69 years5
70 to 74 years19
75 to 79 years7
80 to 84 years9
85 years and over2
Under 5 years17
5 to 9 years26
10 to 14 years24
15 to 17 years12
18 and 19 years9
20 years5
21 years2
22 to 24 years10
25 to 29 years10
30 to 34 years18
35 to 39 years27
40 to 44 years28
45 to 49 years21
50 to 54 years18
55 to 59 years18
60 and 61 years4
62 to 64 years11
65 and 66 years6
67 to 69 years13
70 to 74 years18
75 to 79 years11
80 to 84 years6
85 years and over5
Total population642
One race640
Black or African AmericanN/A
American Indian and Alaska Native6
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific IslanderN/A
Some other raceN/A
Two or more races2
Total population in households642
People who are White alone627
People who are Black or African American aloneN/A
People who are American Indian and Alaska Native alone6
People who are Asian alone3
People who are Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander aloneN/A
People who are Hispanic or Latino9
People who are Some other race alone4
Population 5 years and over10,740
Same house6,574
Different house - same countyN/A
Different county - same state1,062
Different state or abroad944
Different state907
PLACE OF BIRTH (Red Willow County)
Total resident population11,448
Born in United States9,152
State of residence8,171
Different state3,091
Born in Puerto Rico, U.S. Island areas52
Foreign born134

Indianola Education and School Enrollment

School enrollment refers to students currently attending school, both private and public. By understanding the school enrollment in an area, you can make decisions concerning your kids' environments and even job markets. In a table below, we provide you with the total school enrollment for children 3 years and older in the county surrounding Indianola. That total enrollment is 2,925 for the population of the country, which includes Indianola. Nursery school and kindergarten enrollment was 1,313 and elementary or high school enrollment was 4,171 children. College or graduate school enrollment was 453.

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Education attainment is defined as "the highest level of education completed in terms of highest degree or the highest level or schooling completed." The table below shows the Indianola population over 25 years old and their level of education achievement.

Population 3 years and over enrolled in school2,925
Elementary school grades 1 to 81,343
Elementary and high school2,086
High school grades 9 to 12743
College, undergraduate years441
Graduate or professional school13
Not enrolled in school8,140
Population 25 years and over7,490
Less than 9th grade315
9th to 12th grade, no diploma589
High school graduate2,620
Some college, no degree2,074
Associate's degree756
Bachelor's degree1,136
Graduate or professional degree15.2
Percent high school graduate or higher87.9
Percent bachelor's degree or higher809

Indianola Employment and Labor Characteristics

There are 8,967 people that are employed over the age of 16 in Indianola. The Indianola occupations categories include management, professional and related occupations (1,641), service occupations (967), sales and office occupations (1,400), farming, fishing and forestry occupations (178), constructions, extraction, maintenance and repair occupations (628) and production, transportation and material moving occupations (944). The 8,967 employed over the age of 16 are broken down into the class of worker. There are 4,129 private wage and salary workers, 814 government workers, 731 self-employed workers and approximately N/A unpaid family workers.

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Population 16 years and over8,967
In labor force5,935
Civilian labor force5,923
Percent Unemployed2.8
Armed Forces12

Females 16 years and over4,653
In labor force2,819
Civilian labor force2,819
Unemployed Civilian labor force82
Armed forces

Males 16 years and over4,314
In labor force3,116
Civilian labor forceN/A
Unemployed Civilian labor force83
Armed forces12
COMMUTING TO WORK (Red Willow County)
Workers 16 years and over5,710
Car, truck, or van -- drove alone4,601
Car, truck, or van -- carpooled578
Public transportation (excluding taxicab)N/A
Other means27
Worked at home284
Mean travel time to work (minutes)65,260
OCCUPATION (Red Willow County)
Civilian employed population 16 years and over1,641
Management, professional, and related occupations1,641
Service occupations967
Sales and office occupations1,400
Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations178
Construction, extraction, maintenance and repair occupations628
Production, transportation, and material moving occupations944
INDUSTRY (Red Willow County)
Civilian employed population 16 years and over1,641
Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and mining514
Wholesale trade222
Retail trade907
Transportation and warehousing, and utilities344
Finance and insurance, and real estate and rental and leasing295
Professional, scientific, and management, and administrative261
Educational services, and health care and social assistance1,249
Arts, entertainment, and recreation, and accommodation, and food services392
Other services, except public administrationN/A
Public administration210
CLASS OF WORKER (Red Willow County)
Civilian employed population 16 years and over1,641
Private wage and salary workers4,129
Government workers814
Self-employed workers in own not incorporated business731
Unpaid family workersN/A

Indianola Housing Characteristics

In Indianola, NE there are 5,278 housing units; of those housing units, there are approximately 4,710 occupied and 568 vacant. Types of homes change over the years, but single family homes detached have remained fairly consistent. In Indianola, there are 4,021 1-unit detached housing units. Single-family attached homes, 1-unit attached, which are also known as row houses or town homes, total 102 units in Indianola. Apartment housing and apartment buildings are from 2-50 units and the statistics are below. With so many housing units people are always in need of Indianola, NE local movers to help them move from one place to another so be sure to check out for moving guides, Indianola, NE truck rentals options, quotes and additional information.

There are several different ranges if you are looking to rent or are a renter in Indianola. There are 89 housing units with rent less than $200, 153 with rent between $200-299, 621 with rent between $300-499 and 308 with rent for $500 and above. Full Indianola gross rent statistics are shown in the table below. Regardless of the housing unit value, it is always suggested by to have Indianola, NE home security systems installed to keep you and your family safe.

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Total housing units5,278
Occupied housing units4,710
Vacant housing units568
UNITS IN STRUCTURE (Red Willow County)
Total housing units5,278
1-unit, detached4,021
1-unit, attached102
2 units108
3 or 4 units146
5 to 9 units141
10 to 19 units84
20 to 49 units166
50 or more units36
Mobile home464
HOUSING TENURE (Red Willow County)
Occupied housing units4,710
Occupied housing units4,710
No vehicles available201
2 vehicle available3,080
3 vehicles available900
4 vehicles available233
5 or more vehicles available142
HOUSE HEATING FUEL (Red Willow County)
Occupied housing units4,710
Utility gas3,347
Bottled, tank, or LP gasN/A
Fuel oil, kerosene, etc.22
Coal or coke
Solar energy
Other fuel27
No fuel used9
HOUSING UNIT VALUE (Red Willow County)
Occupied housing units4,710
Less Than $50,0003,323
$50,000 to $99,9991,226
$100,000 to $149,999287
$150,000 to $199,99987
$200,000 to $299,99923
$300,000 to $499,999
$1,000,000 or more
Median (dollars)58,900
GROSS RENT (Red Willow County)
Occupied units paying rent1,387
Less than $20089
$200 to $299153
$300 to $499621
$500 to $699182
$700 to $99915
$1,000 to $1,49968
$1,500 or more42


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