Vastu For Nameplates: Advice On House Decor, Colour, And Design (2023)

A name plate can be used to identify a residence as well as to improve the interior design and give visitors a positive first impression. We examine the fundamental dos and don’ts as well as Vastu Shastra guidelines for installing a nameplate on your home. We also provide some original name plate designs and innovative ideas for your front door.

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The practical function of a name plate or door plate is to identify a house. However, a name plate can also be used as a decorative item to showcase the home owner’s sense of taste. Nameplates may now be manufactured to order in any Indian language and available in a variety of styles, including modern, abstract, concept-base, and nameplates inspire by a person’s faith. They can be attached to doors, the entry to a home or community, or even hung there.

Nameplate colour according to vastu

According to Vastu, the nameplate’s colours should be select based on the direction of the building. For instance, nameplates for homes facing east should be create in green or brown hues.

It is crucial to check that the colour of the nameplate matches that of the front door of the property when picking a nameplate design. According to Vastu, a white colour house name plate is a suitable choice for a wooden front door since it is thought to draw prosperity and new chances for the family. A classy option for a nameplate on a wooden front entry door is a nameplate in gold. The entry area can be improve by adding the right lighting fixtures to draw in good vibes.

Vastu tips for name plates

Expert in Vastu Shastra & astrology advises home owners to always install name plates because they act like a “tikka” on the forehead.

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According to Vastu Shastra principles, a home’s main door serves as both an entrance for the family and a portal for energy. Therefore, it will be challenging for opportunities to discover you if your property has a name plate. A nameplate needs to be easy to read, concise, and aesthetically appealing. Select the ideal material for the nameplate to promote harmony and positivity. If the door is facing north or west, a metal nameplate is advise. If the door is facing south or east, use a wooden nameplate. It is also advisable to adorn a home’s entrance with Ganesh sculptures or images, as well as with Om, the Swastika, or even some shloka.

Nameplates with bells hanging from them, flowery patterns, or a “Kalash” are seen as lucky.

Here are some suggestions for home nameplates and additional information on nameplates for front doorways:

  • If the space allows, always put a nameplate on the front door or the adjacent wall because it is thought to draw prosperity, opportunity, and wellbeing.
  • Make sure the nameplate is big enough for one to write their name or last name, the home number, and is readable from at least a foot or two away.
  • The design of the nameplate should complement the main door, according to vastu for nameplate.
  • Both the name plate and the front entrance should have adequate lighting. If the lobby of the building is too dark, then illuminate the nameplate with an exterior LED light in a warm colour. Stay away from red lights.
  • For the nameplate, always choose high-quality, water-resistant materials, especially if the building is a villa or bungalow, to make sure it can withstand the monsoon season. Even the paint should be able to tolerate extreme weather conditions. Make sure the nameplate is sturdy because it will likely break soon because the main door is frequently open and close.
  • Invest in a nameplate and corrosion-resistant lettering materials.
  • Make sure the nameplate is kept clean and dust-free on a regular basis.

What must be written on a home’s nameplate?

Typically, the name plate includes the family’s surname. In today’s society, nameplates now include a list of all family members’ names. According to Vastu principles, it’s crucial to make the nameplate elegant yet straightforward. Avoid overdesigning it with engravings, calligraphy, patterns, and god statues. Avoid employing fashionable typefaces that are thin, wavy, and therefore unreadable.

Nameplate for house: Vastu-compliant position and direction

  • Given that it is thought to be luckier than the other sides, the nameplate ought to be install on the main door’s left side.
  • The nameplate needs to be position such that it is equal to the height of the top part of the door.
  • The nameplate must be securely fasten and must not dangle.
  • Aim to avoid placing your nameplate in front of the elevator.
  • There shouldn’t be any cracks or holes in the nameplate.

Materials for nameplates based on Vastu

The most popular and affordable nameplates for apartments are compose of fibre or acrylic. Larger, autonomous houses and structures typically have simple signage composed of steel and glass. Designer nameplates with imaginative font choices and a wooden finish can provide a stellar appeal. Handmade signboards have a more rustic appeal. A variety of materials, including wood, glass, steel, terracotta, brass, jute, cloth, grass, and coconut, are use to create designer and multi-compound nameplates. There is a niche market for these nameplates. The current trend is to combine different materials to create a distinctive appearance.

Nameplates may also be made from season wood, such as teakwood or railroad sleepers. Commercial MDF (medium density fibre), plywood, veneer, and pine wood are the best materials for affordable choices. In addition to stone, marble, mirror, and wrought iron, name plates can also be made from individual, prefabricate ceramic letters. Nameplates can be made to order in a variety of shapes, including rectangular, square, oval, circular, house-shape, and other odd shapes. The nameplates may be etch with patterns, engrave with depictions of deities, or decorated with flower photos or striking calligraphy, among other options.

Home nameplates with customized designs

Modern homeowners want nameplates that are personalize. As a result, name plate designs frequently includes themes, family members’ interests, a person’s career, etc. “Historically, it has been popular to write one’s last name on the nameplate. People then began writing their full names. The names of all family members, including children, are now written on documents. Recently, a client request that we leave a vacant area on the nameplate so that they might add the name of a baby who was “about to be born.” People also put the names and pictures of their dogs, which are regard as members of the family, on the nameplates. Bungalows, row homes, villas, and flats are all now being given names as part of a rising trend. Nameplates in regional languages have gained enormous popularity.

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A solid first impression may be made with an eye-catching name plate. “My home’s nameplate is compose of glass and unfinish wood, with gold letters and illumination behind it. The nameplate outside my son’s room, a Bollywood lover, is paint to look like movie clapboard, and my daughter’s nameplate is pink and white with flowers on it.

When a visitor enters your house, they will first see the name plate. A name plate for a house is a distinctive decor item, so you should carefully choose a design that complements your home’s interior design as a whole. There are many different designs to chose from, but make sure you adhere to all of the Vastu principles.

Check out these lovely suggestions for house nameplate designs:

Wooden boards have long been use to create contemporary nameplate designs. Personalized nameplates give your home a personal touch. One can have their nameplates customized in their native language in addition to selecting the ideal materials based on the décor of their property.

Traditional nameplate styles

Nameplates with religious themes are very common. Religious motifs or images of god, like the one on their custom name plate below, are the ones that homeowners like among the many house name plate choices.

Vastu For Nameplates: Advice On House Decor, Colour, And Design (1)

Wooden nameplates

Wooden name plate designs for the home come in a wide range of colours, from deep brown to delicate tones. Additionally, carved wood name plate designs are prefere by homeowners.

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In addition to wooden nameplates, today’s consumers like nameplates made of glass, marble, acrylic, ceramic, steel, and stone.

Vastu For Nameplates: Advice On House Decor, Colour, And Design (2)

Customized nameplates

For people who wish to be creative or don’t want to spend a lot of money on pricey name plates for their property, innovative name plate designs or DIY drawings or artwork is also becoming more and more popular as options. To design the nameplate, you can use materials like cardboard. You can also select a flat rock and use a sharp tool, like a knife, to engrave the name and house information on it. Another innovative name plate option for the home is to install background lighting.

Additionally, using acrylic paint and sketches, you can create a unique nameplate utilizing plywood made of wood.

Vastu For Nameplates: Advice On House Decor, Colour, And Design (3)

Design of a glass nameplate

Glass is a sophisticated addition to home decor and is the ideal material for producing nameplates for the home. However, given that the material is delicate. A glass name plate must therefore be handle carefully.

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Vastu For Nameplates: Advice On House Decor, Colour, And Design (4)

Designs for marble name plates

For your main gate or front entrance door, you can choose a marble name plate design to add a touch of luxury to the exterior of your property.

Granite nameplates

According to Vastu, granite is a fantastic material for house décor. For the front of the house, contemporary granite name plate designs are stunning. In addition to its brightness, the material is weather resistant and has a long lifespan. Granite nameplates for homes are also ideal because they are inexpensive and simple to clean and maintain.

Stone nameplate

When employed in exterior house design, stone gives a home a rustic look. The name plate made of stone provides the front door of the house a distinctive appearance.

Steel nameplate

Use stainless steel, a material that is excellent for outdoor use, to add a metallic touch to your home’s entrance décor. Steel nameplates come in a variety of designs for main gates. Go for customized designer possibilities when selecting name plate designs for the main gate to provide an opulent touch.

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