ZIP+4™ Codes Lookup by Address | What It Is & How to Find It (2023)

ZIP+4™ Codes Lookup by Address | What It Is & How to Find It (1)

ZIP+4 Codes (ZIP Plus 4 Codes) are the final 4 digit codes of full 9-digit ZIP Codes. The 9-digit ZIP Code consists of two sections. The first five digits indicate the destination post office or delivery area. The last 4 digits represent specific delivery routes within delivery areas.

ZIP plus 4 codes assist the USPS in effectively sorting and distributing mail.

9-digit Full ZIP Code Lookup by Address

We make it easy to perform a USPS full ZIP+4 Code lookup by address. Choose your option below to find your ZIP+4 Code.

Enter an address to lookup the specific ZIP+4 Code.Lookup several ZIP+4 Codes at once with the Bulk Tool.Lookup ZIP+4 Codes programmatically using our API.

ZIP+4 Lookup

API ZIP+4 Lookup

In this article we'll cover:

  • How do I Find My ZIP+4 Code by Address?
  • How ZIP+4 Codes Are Used
  • What Are Five-Digit ZIP Codes?
  • ZIP Code + 4 Meaning
  • Full ZIP+4 Code Lookup Benefits
  • ZIP+4 Code Database
  • Conclusion

How to Find My ZIP+4 Code by Address

You can easily find out your own ZIP+4 last 4-digits by watching this video which shows you how to do itin under a minute.

How Full ZIP Codes Are Used

Knowing what the last four digits of ZIP Codes are all about requires knowing what ZIP Codes themselves are all about. The Zone Improvement Plan wassomething that the USPS came up with to make it easier to ship letters and packages across the country.It helped divide the country into different "zones" according to how mail wasdistributed, which accelerated sorting and delivery.

(Video) What Is A Zip Code: Zip Codes Explained & What Each Number Means

At the same time that the Post Office Department launched the Zone Improvement Plan on July 1, 1963 theyalso introduced the world to Mr. ZIP "Zippy". Zippy is the official ZIP Code mascot pictured on our ZIP Codes 101 page. They also released the ZIP Code jingle:

As the US population has increased and scattered since 1963, it's been necessary to expand on the system,to make room for everybody and their dog. That's where the "plus 4" part comes in. We'regetting ahead of ourselves, though, so let's start with the basics.

USPS Five-Digit ZIP Codes

ZIP+4™ Codes Lookup by Address | What It Is & How to Find It (2)

These are the codes you're familiar with.

They look like this…

…and most commonly indicate a destination post office. Here's why:

If you're mailing a letter from Boston to Seattle, the mail carrier in Massachusetts doesn'treallycare what the street address of the destination is. It's what you might call "outside hisjurisdiction." Hejust needs to know which mail carrier to send it to so the other carrier can get it to that address.

(Video) Two-Minute-Tip - The Map View - Finding People along the 101 Corridor

A postal worker can only cover so much ground on a given day. And since the USPS has a standard ofdelivering inrain, sleet or snow, that rules out the possibility of doing the service of delivering in stages (sometoday,some tomorrow). That means that any given post office is only servicing what it can reach in a day. ZIPCodesreflect that.

Typically, a ZIP Code is tied to a post office; by that we mean, every one of the latter has one of theformer.You might think of ZIP Codes as a mailing address for a particular post office. Some do handle more than oneZIPCode, but a one-on-one game plan is the norm.

It's very important to note that ZIP Codes aren't "boundaries." They're acollection ofdelivery routes. Theydon't follow geographic or administrative boundary lines; they can cross city, county, or even statelines.Theyfollow where the delivery trucks go.

Some ZIP Codes are special cases. Among them are "military" ZIP Codes, which include everythingfrommilitarybases (domestic or otherwise) to battleships at sea. Then there are "unique" ZIPCodes. Businesses and organizations sometimes get their own ZIP Codes, due to the volume of mailtheysendand receive. These are frequently benefiting from bulk mailing discounts, since the organization usually hasamail department that (1) presorts mail before giving it to the USPS, and (2) distributes mail internally sotheUSPS doesn't have to. Like standard ZIP Codes, "military" and "unique" ZIP Codescircumscribe their own deliveryarea. For a more in depth guide, visit our ZIP Codes page.

ZIP Code + 4 Meaning

ZIP+4™ Codes Lookup by Address | What It Is & How to Find It (3)

ZIP+4 Codes are 4-digit codes appended to the original 5-digit USPS ZIP Codes. Using full ZIP Codes when mailing with the USPS ensure the fastest, most accurate mailing possible. ZIP+4 Finder tools don't just lookup the full ZIP Code. The +4 is only provided once the address has been standardized, validated and proven real. Thesecodes indicate a specific delivery route, meaning the actual path the mail truck would travel in asingle drop-off. Usually this comprises ten to twenty homes or locations. ZIP+4 Codes are also assigned toPO Boxes. Typically, each PO Box gets its own +4 Code, which often matches the box number.

Because ZIP codes plus 4 extra digits are based on delivery routes instead of more permanent boundaries, thelast 4 digits of a completeZIP Code can change often. Five-digit ZIP Codes also change,but they do so infrequently; it's a lot less likelythat you will be living in a ZIP Code when it changes. Not so for the full 9-digit ZIP Code. The +4 on a ZIPCode can be changed as frequently as once a month, based on things like how many postal employees are working, or who is working what route, etc.

Full ZIP+4 Code Lookup Benefits

ZIP+4™ Codes Lookup by Address | What It Is & How to Find It (4)

There are a number of reasons that looking up and using full ZIP+4 Codes are good omens for your shipping. For one, ZIP+4 Codesrequire validation; that means you know for sure an address is real if it has a ZIP+4 attached to it. For anotherthing, they can help get you those bulk mailing discounts.

(Video) 411 canada

Another important benefit to using the last four digits of ZIP Codes is delivery speed. Using complete ZIP+4 on your mail can speed up processing and delivery, sometimes by as much as two days. That's right, your mail can show up fasterif you label things right. Bet you're scrambling to lookup those full ZIP Codes now, huh? Get those extra 4 digits.

ZIP+4 Code Database

For many users the best way to access the USPS ZIP+4 database is through a CASS Certified USPS address validation vendor. like Smarty.Since the last four digits of ZIP Codes update frequently, even month old data isn't reliable. Checking addresses against the database regularly will ensure your data remains clean.

The ZIP+4 Code database can also be accessed free directly through the USPS site or through the USPS address validation API. A comprehensive list of uses and limitations of the USPS web-based finder and API can be found in our USPS APIs article.

Conclusion | What is My +4 ZIP Code?

If you want to ask, "What is my +4 ZIP Code?" All you need to do is use one of the three buttons at the top of the page, enter your address and you will have your +4 code instantly. That was easy!

Three things will be on the quiz:

  1. ZIP+4 Codes indicate delivery routes.
  2. Using ZIP+4 Codes gets your mail there faster and more accurately.
  3. We at Smarty (formerly SmartyStreets) can get you those codes.

If you want to try it on a single address, you can use our singleaddress verification tool now. Our blindingly fast USPS addressverification API provides the appropriate ZIP+4 Code for every address we process. Go ahead and perform some postal address verification. Or you couldcall us instead if you'd rather talk to a real person. (We'd offer a fakeperson, but we don't have one of those on staff.) Either way, we can help you ZIP your address, and ZIPit good.


How can I find my ZIP Code? ›

Find Zip Codes at

If you have an address or partial address, you can find the zip code through USPS Zip Code Lookup, a tool on the U.S. postal service's website. You can also search by city or state, or find all cities that are part of a particular zip code.

What do the 4 numbers after the ZIP Code mean? ›

A ZIP+4 code uses the basic five-digit code plus four additional digits to identify a geographic segment within the five-digit delivery area, such as a city block, a group of apartments, an individual high-volume receiver of mail, a post office box, or a specific delivery route — meaning the actual path the mail truck ...

What is the plus 4 on a ZIP Code? ›

The four extra numbers are added after a hyphen to complete the ZIP+4. So what do the extra numbers mean? These last 4 digits represent specific delivery routes within delivery areas. This extra detail means an even more precise matching to a more granular level.

Can Google Maps search ZIP Codes? ›

This ZIP Codes on Google Maps tool will show all ZIP Code boundaries, in the U.S. anyway. To see ZIP Codes for a specific city, address, etc, just type the city or address in the "Search places" box just above the map.

What a zip code means? ›

Definition of zip code

1 : a number that identifies a particular postal delivery area in the U.S. 2 : the geographic area identified by a zip code.

Is postal code the same as zip code? ›

Unlike postal codes, which can contain a mixture of numbers and letters, zip codes only contain a combination of numeric values. Regardless of their name or structure, most countries leverage a coding system—whether a zip code, postal code, or other structure—to ensure the rapid and efficient delivery of mail to users.

What happens if I use the wrong ZIP code? ›

Usually what happens is a carrier or post master from the office where the package is sent will correct the zip code by looking at the address and even reach out to that particular post office to ensure the package is delivered to the correct address.

How do you write an address with a ZIP code? ›

Addresses (ZIP code present)

USPS abbreviations are used for both the street address and state, and there is no punctuation in the lines for the street address or city, state and ZIP code. Write to Paul and Mary Moore, 1313 E Main St, Portage MI 49024-2001.

What happens if you forgot to put the ZIP code on a letter? ›

A letter without a ZIP code may not reach its intended destination. That is because of the way addresses are read by automated postal systems. Rules that are taken for granted when people send mail are actually unusually strict to increase post office efficiency. Processing machines read addresses from the bottom up.

Are there 4 digit zip codes in the US? ›

U.S. ZIP Codes are always five digits long. These 3 and 4 digit numbers actually begin with one or two zeros. For example, when you see "501" for Holtsville, it's really 00501. As a default, Excel converts this column into a number and removes the leading zeros.

Does mail arrive faster with zip codes? ›

So, USPS deemed no less than 4.3% of the 158 billion mailed items in 2013 as Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA). With ZIP Plus 4 Codes, you can significantly increase the delivery speed and accuracy. For example, they speed the overall delivery process by one or even two days.

How often do zip codes change? ›

The USPS updates their zip codes quarterly.

How do I import a zip code into Google Maps? ›

  1. On your computer, sign in to My Maps.
  2. Open or create a map.
  3. In the map legend, click Add layer.
  4. Give the new layer a name.
  5. Under the new layer, click Import.
  6. Upload the file or photos that have your info. Then click Select.

How do I create a ZIP code map? ›

Steps to Create a Map of US ZIP Codes by State
  1. Create a Mapline account and login.
  2. Click the orange “Add New Items” button.
  3. Select “New Map” on the drop down arrow.
  4. Give your map a name and click “OK.”
  5. Click the “Add” button from the left sidebar.
  6. Select the “Territories” option.
  7. Click “From Mapline's Repository.”

What is Mountain View ZIP code? ›

Mountain View

How did ZIP codes get assigned? ›

To develop this nationwide code, the Post Office Department looked to a sorting system that it had started using in a limited capacity in 1943. This system divided up large cities into multiple 2-digit postal zones, which were written by mailers in the lower line of addresses and called local zone numbers.

What is 9 digit ZIP Code in USA? ›

A ZIP+4 Code or 9-Digit-ZIP Code is a 4-digit code added to the end of a 5-digit ZIP Code. The last 4 digits of each 9-digit ZIP Code indicate specific delivery routes of roughly 1-20 mailboxes, and the five digits before the +4 Code indicate the destination post office or delivery area.

What was before zip codes? ›

In the early days of the U.S. Postal Service, mailing addresses weren't regulated. You might have used the recipient's street address along with the city and state, but you wouldn't have seen a ZIP code. Mail was hand-sorted, and delivery relied on local knowledge of its intended destination.

What is an example of a zip code? ›

Standard US ZIP codes

The standard ZIP code notation used by the United States Postal service uses five digits to identify a delivery area. An example of a standard US ZIP code is 90210.

Are zip codes unique? ›

The ZIP+4® Code assigned by the Postal Service™ is unique for the category of Reply Mail you use.

Are postal codes unique? ›

They do the same job but there are a lot of differences. One US ZIP code covers around 100,000 mailing addresses. However, only a single Canadian postal code is assigned to one side of one street. It is why there are about 876,445 postal codes and only 41,692 ZIP codes.

Will FedEx deliver with wrong ZIP code? ›

If you need to change or correct a delivery address before the package is delivered, log in to your FedEx account, go to our tracking page, and follow these steps: Enter your tracking number or reference number. Select Manage Delivery, then Edit Delivery Address.

What is the second set of numbers in a zip code? ›

The first number, between 0-9, denotes a geographic area of the U.S. The second two numbers of a zip code specify a specific region within that geographic area and the last two are meant to indicate a specific Post Office.

Why must all mail leaving an office have a zip code? ›

ZIP Codes™ are an integral part of making sure your mailpiece is processed quickly and efficiently. Not having a ZIP Code™ on your mail causes unnecessary delay because it will require manual look-up.

How do you read an address? ›

How To Say American Addresses - YouTube

What is unit number in address? ›

The property unit number (formerly also called dwelling number) is part of your official address, and indicates which flat in the building you live in.

What happens if you accidentally mail a letter without a stamp? ›

Returned to the sender with the reason for nondelivery “Returned for Additional Postage” if First-Class Mail with a return address. The sender may affix the additional postage, cross out the reason for nondelivery, and remail the piece.

What happens to mail without stamp and no return address? ›

According to the USPS, local post offices will handle the mail or they will send it to the Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta, Georgia—also known as the post office's lost and found. “If it has no value, it is destroyed,” Brenda Crouch, a retired USPS employee wrote on Quora.

What happens if you put mail in the mailbox without a stamp? ›

An item mailed without a stamp will be returned to the sender if a valid return address was written on the envelope. Validity of the sender's return address requires that a deliverable street number, street name and zip code are present on the envelope -- city and state help to confirm the zip code is correct.

How do I create a ZIP code? ›

To create a personal Zip, a postal customer would go to a postal web site, authenticate who they are, much as they do today to sign up for Informed Delivery, and provide their current address and, optionally, email address. The system would provide them their own 11 (or 12) digit Personal Zip Code.

How many numbers is ZIP code? ›

A 5-digit number that identifies a particular postal delivery area in the United States.

What is the lowest number ZIP code in the United States? ›

The lowest ZIP Code number is 00501, unique for the Internal Revenue Service in Holtsville, NY.

How long does it take mail to get from one ZIP code to another? ›

It usually takes anywhere from three to four days for standard mail to be delivered to your desired location. The amount of time this takes can go down if you use priority or priority express mail. However, if you are mailing within the same zip code, your mail could arrive as soon as the next day.

How long does regular mail take from state to state 2022? ›

Though the average delivery time for mail is 2.5 days in the USA, it can take around seven days for regular mail to arrive, depending on the state it is being sent to. The delivery can also get delayed if there are public holidays like Christmas.

How long does it take to deliver mail in the same ZIP code? ›

The U.S. Postal Service said that, starting this month, local delivery will take two to three days, depending on the destination's ZIP code, for single-piece, first-class mail such as a personal letter, bill invoice or payment or a greeting card.

How many US zip codes have been discontinued? ›

Over 1,000 ZIP codes have been decomissioned as post offices close or the needs of the United States Postal Service change.

Why is my PO Box ZIP code different? ›

It stands for "Unique," and its population includes companies, organizations, and other institutions that receive large quantities of mail. They're given their own "Unique" ZIP Code type.

What is ZIP code New York? ›

New York

Can you import a list of addresses into Google Maps? ›

Put the extracted fields into a CSV (comma-separated value) or related format that Google maps can use. Log into Google maps. Create a new map. Upload the information from the CSV file or spreadsheet onto the map.

What is Google My Maps used for? ›

Launched in April 2007, Google My Maps is a feature in Google Maps that allows its users to create custom maps for personal use or share with others.

Is Google Earth Pro still free? ›

Google Earth Pro on desktop is now free and available to download for Windows, macOS, Android and Linux. Explore worldwide satellite imagery and 3D buildings and terrain for hundreds of cities.

How do I plot multiple ZIP codes on Google Maps? ›

Add a place
  1. On your computer, sign in to My Maps.
  2. Open or create a map. A map can have up to 10,000 lines, shapes, or places.
  3. Click Add marker .
  4. Select a layer and click where to put the place. A layer can have 2,000 lines, shapes, or places.
  5. Give your place a name.
  6. Click Save.

Can Excel map ZIP codes? ›

Once you finish arranging your data, select the cells you want to turn into the map. Then on the Insert tab, go to Charts > Maps > Filled Map. Here Excel reads the ZIP codes you entered and creates a map chart based on them.

How do I find ZIP codes in Excel? ›

Displaying Zip/Postal Codes in Excel

Right-click the cell and select Format Cells... Then, go to the Number tab, select Special from the Category section and then select Zip Code from the Type section and hit OK.

What is Fremont's zip code? ›


What area code is Palo Alto? ›

Area code 650 is located in California and covers San Mateo, Redwood City, Mountain View, South San Francisco, and Palo Alto. It is the only area code that serves the area.

What is the zip code United Kingdom? ›

Or Find the place
United KingdomEnglandBA8
United KingdomEnglandWR6
United KingdomEnglandCO5
United KingdomEnglandWR10
115 more rows

What is your zip code in India? ›

The term Postal Index Number (PIN) is popularly known as PIN code/Postal Code in India. It is a code in the post office number of the postal code system which is used in India Post for segregating the mails. The PIN code consists of six digits.

What's California zip code? ›

Zip Code List Zip Code - 902 in California
Zip CodeCityCounty
90241DowneyLos Angeles County
90242DowneyLos Angeles County
90245El SegundoLos Angeles County
90247GardenaLos Angeles County
48 more rows

What is a postal code on a debit card? ›

A credit card postal code is an additional form of security used to verify it is being used by the owner of the card or an authorized user. It is connected to the five digit zip code for the billing address of the cardholder.

What is a 5 digit zip code? ›

A ZIP Code is a 5-digit number that specifies an individual destination post office or mail delivery area. ZIP Codes determine the destination of letters for final sorting and delivery. Each ZIP Code designates a collection of delivery routes used by mail carriers and areas serviced by the USPS.

How many houses are in a postcode? ›

How many premises are in a postcode? Each postcode covers an average of about 15 properties. However, this is not a definitive number, where postcodes can hold up to 100.

What is the correct format for writing a postcode? ›

Postcodes should always be in BLOCK CAPITALS as the last line of an address. Do not underline the postcode or use any punctuation. Leave a clear space of one character between the two parts of the postcode and do not join the characters in any way.

What is my 6 digit PIN code? ›

Postal Index Number (PIN) or PIN Code is a 6 digit code of Post Office numbering used by India Post.
First DigitRegionStates Covered
6SouthernKerala and Tamil Nadu
7EasternWest Bengal, Orissa and North Eastern
8EasternBihar and Jharkand
9APSArmy Postal Service
5 more rows
22 Sept 2015

Where is 00001 zip code? ›

Current Postal Code Range in the United States

The current postal codes in the United States range from 00001 – 99950. The lowest and highest of these postal codes are both specific to areas in Alaska; The 00001 code is for the N Dillingham area, and the postal code 99950 is for Ketchikan, AK.

What is India's 5 digit zip code? ›

India has no 5 digit zipcode India has the 6 digit postal code. India does not have zip code, in India we have Postal Index Code i.e. PIN code.

What is the most expensive ZIP code in California? ›

The 10 most expensive ZIP codes in the US in 2021

For the fifth straight year, Atherton, California's 94027 has kept the title of most expensive ZIP code in the United States.

How many California zip codes are there? ›

California has a total of 1741 active zip codes.

What ZIP code is 90011? ›

Los Angeles, CA

Why does my debit card say invalid zip code? ›

Invalid zip code error is displayed when attempting to process a payment from your customer with a billing address outside the U.S. They may have a ZIP code (or Province code) that includes characters that do not meet the U.S. 5 digit standard.

What is CVV code in debit card? ›

What is the CVV code? CVV stands for Card Verification Value. This code is usually composed of a three-digit number provided by the companies that make the bank cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard, etc.). The CVV code is usually located on the back of the card, although in some cases it may be found on the front.

How can I use card without zip code? ›

Can You Use A Credit Card Without A Zip Code? We are sorry to say, you cannot use a credit card without a zip code. It just will never be possible. This is simply not possible and will never happen, including should you find a hacked credit card number with a CVV and zip code.


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